Carrier Oils Customer Insights

In the highly competitive e-commerce industry, it is essential for sellers to make use of Amazon review analysis tools to select products, improve consumer experience, and ultimately obtain better market sales and an enhanced brand presence. Through sentiment analysis, voice of customer research, Amazon review analyzers, feedback analysis, product research, audience research, competitor analysis and Amazon ratings & reviews data it is possible to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences. This information can then be used to craft more effective marketing strategies that directly meet customer needs and drive customer satisfaction.

Carrier OilsTotal ASIN: 14
Cliganic USDA Organic Jojoba Oil, 100% Pure (2oz) | Natural Cold Pressed Unrefined Hexane Free Oil for Hair & Face | Base Carrier OilTop 1
Cliganic USDA Organic Rosehip Seed Oil for Face, 100% Pure | Natural Cold Pressed Unrefined Non-GMO | Carrier Oil for Skin, Hair & NailsTop 2
Cliganic Organic Argan Oil, 100% Pure | for Hair, Face & Skin | Cold Pressed Carrier Oil, Imported from MoroccoTop 3
Handcraft Fractionated Coconut Oil - 100% Pure & Natural Premium Grade Coconut Carrier Oil for Essential Oils, Massage Oil, Moisturizing Hair Oil & Body Oil - 28 fl. OzTop 4
PURA D'OR Organic Castor Oil (4oz + 2 BONUS Pre-Filled Eyelash & Eyebrow Brushes) 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Hexane Free Growth Serum For Fuller, Thicker Lashes & Brows, Moisturizes & Cleanses Skin
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Looking at the bestseller rankings (BSR) and average star ratings for products within this category can give us a comprehensive idea of user demand and satisfaction. This information can help us create effective pricing strategies and product offerings, catering to customers needs and optimizing their market position.

Based on the data provided, it appears that the Carrier Oils product on Amazon has a high level of customer satisfaction. With an average rating of 4.67 out of 5 and a total of 30,922 reviews, it is clear that many customers have had positive experiences with this product. If you are considering purchasing a Carrier Oil product on Amazon, it is important to read through the reviews carefully to ensure that the product meets your specific needs. Additionally, it may be helpful to compare the ratings and reviews of different products within the same category to find the best option for you. Overall, it seems that the Carrier Oils product on Amazon is a popular and well-liked choice among customers. With so many positive reviews, it is likely that this product will continue to be a top choice for those in need of a high-quality carrier oil.

Target your customers through customer profile

By studying customer profiles and related data, businesses can develop an optimized product profile that resonates with the target audience. Collecting voice of customer feedback, Amazon reviews, and other audience research provides valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences, arming sellers with the knowledge to craft products or campaigns that speak to the right customers and propel sales.

Carrier Oils Customer Profile
The consumer group most commonly mentioned is friend, the most commonly moment of use is everyday, the most common location is room, the most common behavior is shower i . By focusing on these key consumer characteristics, it is possible to identify pain points associated with consumer usage scenarios.
X-axis:topic. Y-axis:mentions. Red:reviews of 1-3 stars. Green:reviews of 4-5 stars

Based on the data provided, it seems that the customers who use this product, which is a carrier oil, primarily use it for personal care purposes such as in the shower and as a moisturizer. The top three users of the product are friends, daughters, and husbands, indicating that the product may be popular among individuals who are looking for a natural and effective way to care for their skin. The top three places where the product is used are in a room, diffuser, and house, suggesting that customers may be using the product for aromatherapy or as a natural air freshener. Additionally, the fact that the product is primarily used in the shower and as a moisturizer indicates that customers are looking for a product that can provide them with a spa-like experience at home. Based on this data, it is likely that the customer profile for this product is individuals who are health-conscious and interested in natural and organic products. They may be looking for a product that can provide them with a luxurious and relaxing experience at home, while also providing them with the benefits of carrier oils. To better cater to this customer profile, it may be helpful to focus on marketing the product as a natural and organic alternative to traditional skincare products. Additionally, highlighting the aromatherapy benefits of the product may help to attract customers who are interested in using the product for its relaxing and mood-boosting properties. Finally, offering educational resources on the benefits of carrier oils and how to use them effectively may help to build customer loyalty and increase sales.

Ship products your customers love through sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis can be used to uncover consumer discontent with products, automatically divide NR and PR, and present data about product quality issues, packaging recommendations, marketing flaws, and inadequate service in a digitized format. Through the issues found in VOCs with CTQs, businesses are able to initiate a closed loop from problem to action that enables constant iterations and optimization of product quality. Additionally, customer emotion data can be analyzed to facilitate predictions of upcoming trends before competitors and customize products to meet customers’ needs.

Carrier Oils Customer Sentiment
The top 5 negative reviews are smell, product, oil, bottle, scent. The most mentioned elements about smell are good(3.24%), solid(1.56%).
The top 5 positive reviews are oil, product, smell, scent, quality. The most mentioned elements about oil are decent quality(2.65%), light(2.26%).
decent quality2.65%
absorb quickly1.61%
have virtually no smell at all0.99%
Product pros and cons based on Amazon reviews. Consumers' sentiments which represent their opinions are identified using AI.

Based on the data provided, it appears that the top con aspect of Carrier Oils is the smell, which is mentioned in both the top 1 and top 5 cons. On the other hand, the top pro aspect is the oil itself, which is mentioned in the top 1 pro aspect. It is important to note that the other cons mentioned in the top 5 are related to the product itself, such as quality and bottle. Additionally, the mention of scent in both the top 5 pros and cons suggests that the scent of the oil is a significant factor for consumers. To improve product development and selection, it may be beneficial to focus on addressing the smell and product-related cons mentioned by consumers. This could involve using different packaging materials or improving the quality of the oil. Additionally, offering a variety of scents or unscented options may appeal to a wider range of consumers. Overall, while Carrier Oils have some drawbacks, the fact that the oil itself is mentioned as the top pro aspect suggests that there is potential for this category. By addressing the cons and focusing on the strengths of the product, companies can develop and select Carrier Oils that meet the needs and preferences of consumers.

Make the smartest sales decisions through Buyers Motivation

Companies should strive to understand customer needs and preferences by utilizing surveys and feedback, by analyzing data from past purchases, and by tracking market trends. Doing so will help them develop effective pricing strategies that are tailored to the buyer's motivation. Furthermore, businesses can boost their sales by offering customers value through competitive prices, appropriate discounts, quality products, convenient services, and exceptional customer service. Through understanding customer motivation and providing value, companies will be able to make educated decisions that will bring long-term success.

Carrier Oils Buyers Motivation
Gain insight into the judgment of consumers (Top 5) when making purchase decisions, and optimize marketing strategies in a targeted manner.

Based on the data provided, it seems that customers are primarily motivated to buy Carrier Oils based on the product description. This is likely because Carrier Oils are a type of product that requires a lot of information to make an informed decision. Customers want to know what the oil is made of, how it's processed, and what benefits it offers. Therefore, a detailed and informative product description is crucial in convincing customers to make a purchase. Additionally, it's worth noting that a significant portion of customers (23.15%) are influenced by recommendations from friends. This suggests that social proof is also an important factor in the decision-making process for Carrier Oil buyers. Price, on the other hand, seems to be a less important factor, with only 8.98% of customers mentioning it as a reason for their purchase. This suggests that customers are willing to pay a premium for high-quality Carrier Oils, as long as they are convinced of their benefits through the product description and social proof. To optimize Amazon listings for Carrier Oils, sellers should focus on creating detailed and informative product descriptions that highlight the benefits of their oils. They should also encourage customers to leave reviews and share their experiences with friends, as this can be a powerful motivator for potential buyers. Finally, sellers should consider offering premium pricing for high-quality oils, as customers seem to be willing to pay for quality.

Understand customers need for prioritizing what to build next

Prioritizing what to build next can be informed by analyzing customer sentiment through Amazon reviews and product research. Competitor analysis can also be used to gain insights into current and upcoming trends. Consideration of customer expectations is critical in creating successful products that will maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Carrier Oils Customer Expectations
By understanding the specific reasons, manufacturers and retailers can develop products and marketing strategies that effectively address these needs and wants.
TopicMentionsReview Snippets
big bottle26
bottle big
large bottle
bottle large
big bottle
large volume bottle
last long22
last long
last longer
4 last7
big size
powerful scent5
strong scent
aroma strong
scent strong
good quality oil4
good quality oil
good quality carrier oil
natural chemical free high quality oil
real pure oil
longer lasting3
last longer
continue good
cinnamon smell2
cinnamon smell
oil smell of cinnamon

Shulex VOC provides core capabilities such as customer profiles, sentiment analysis, buyers motivation and customer expectations. Enables businesses to unlock the power of voice of customer, leveraging AI modeling for an in-depth look at customer experience, product research & selection as well as improving quality and reputation. This allows data to be converted into tangible actions that promote a balanced relationship between customers and brand.

Amazon Reviews

I got this as a combo that I use to assist with winter sniffles in my home diffusers. This is just the right strength to get just the right hit of it. Thank you!!
Great for one day out of the week, anymore than a couple days it makes me itch really bad
Tawana Brace
Fabulous product! Use it daily on my face, hands and hair as well. Higher volume better obviously I’m sharing this with a coworker so she doesn’t have to reorder or go to market
Patricia B.
I live in a dessert area and apply after I shower. This product keeps my skin well moisturized. It is great for all over especially my face
Glitter Fairy
Great productMar. 2022
My absolute favorite massage oil is jojoba. I haven't been able to afford it in many years. I am delighted to find this one for a good price! The oil is excellent! Beautiful golden color, very mild smell, wonderful glide, and best of all - SO good for the skin!
Jojoba oilOct. 2022
Good stuff
Great productDec. 2022
Great product for the money
A. Lundy
I am so glad I purchased this. I have used it on my dry winder skin from a spray bottle, in the bath, I made furniture polish with it. It's super safe and useful around the house.
good valueNov. 2019
Like the value, used to buy smaller quantities but 16 oz was not available. It works well
My wife loves to order her oil that she uses in her soaps and lotions from Amazon. They come quickly and are always delivered without damage

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