Navigating the Complexities of Shipping to Amazon FBA: A Comprehensive Guide on Costs

Navigating the Complexities of Shipping to Amazon FBA: A Comprehensive Guide on Costs

April 3, 2023

Learn how to calculate FBA shipping costs using the Amazon Seller app feature with Jeannette's YouTube tutorial. Get discounted rates on shipments through Amazon's partnership with UPS and estimate your average cost per pound for better purchasing decisions. Like, subscribe, and comment for more tips from Jeannette!

How to CALCULATE SHIPPING COST! Retail Arbitrage Sourcing for Amazon FBA

Video by @jeanettesteele (

1. The speaker's name is Jeannette and she has a YouTube channel.

2. She was cleaning her glasses when the lens popped out.

3. She is about to start sourcing for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

4. One question she answers is how to determine the cost of shipping inventory to Amazon warehouses for FBA.

5. Amazon offers discounted rates on shipments through their partnership with UPS.

6. A rule of thumb for average shipping cost is 50-60 cents per pound.

7. You can input your average cost per pound into the Amazon Seller app to calculate estimated shipping costs for each item you scan.

8. To set this up, go to Product Search in the app, select Shipping to Amazon, and input your estimate under Cost Per Weight.

9. This tool helps make better decisions on purchasing items based on estimated profit after factoring in shipping costs.

10. Jeannette encourages viewers to like, subscribe, comment with questions, and thanks them for watching her video tutorial on calculating FBA shipping costs using the Amazon Seller app feature.

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