How to Analyze Amazon Reviews using AI?

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4 Simple Steps to Start Analyzing Amazon Reviews

4 Simple Steps to Start Analyzing Amazon Reviews
1. Sign up here for the free trial account
2. Install Extension from the Chrome Web Store
Free Add to Chrome
3. Add product
a、Search for the product preferred for analysis on

b、Click on "Add" or "Add all to collection" to add the product/product category preferred for analysis into the VOC analysis center.

c、Click on "Create new collection" followed by naming the collection

d、Click on "Add to" to add the product/product category to the analysis.

e. Go to VoC Center
Click on the Shulex logo in the bottom right corner to view the product added to the collection, then click on "Voc Center".

Start analyzing with Shulex VOC

a. On Shulex VOC Dashboard, Click on "View" followed by "Get Insights"
b. You can filter items in this list, or view the details of the report directly —— Get Insights
c. The "Overview" module enables you to learn who, where, and how your customers are using your products.

Example: For fitness equipment, it can be found that the scenario of working out with wife and children is gradually increasing. So, marketing campaigns carried out should also focus on delivering the messaging of feminine or family.

For more details, please check the sample report directly.
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