6 Amazon Tools Every Amazon Seller Should Know About

6 Amazon Tools Every Amazon Seller Should Know About

December 27, 2022
Author: GuoJie

There are around 1.5 million active Amazon sellers in the world. If you factor in the sellers who are currently taking a hiatus, this number increases to an astonishing 6.3 million. As an Amazon seller, you have to compete against these millions of businesses to make your buck. How do you increase your chance of success? The answer is Amazon Seller tools.

Importance of Amazon Seller Tools

Seller tools aren't an official requirement to become an Amazon Seller. However, as every other seller is using one or multiple of these tools, you can't but use them if you want to make it in this highly competitive business arena. One of the most important tasks of Amazon Seller tools is calculating the profitability of a product. Suppose, you have picked a product that you think is going to make you a lot of money. But have you reached that conclusion after factoring in the shipment and production costs?

Revenue-calculating features of seller tools can resolve that and tell you exactly how much profit you can make off the product in reality. Seller tools can also help you to make an informed sales forecast. As a result, you maintain an appropriate inventory and minimize business risks.

Top Amazon Seller Tools

Without Seller tools, you would have to resort to the old-fashioned trial and error for customer feedback, sales forecast, and inventory. In other words, you will be leaving the success of your business to mere luck. So, use these tools to make your business more competitive.

  1. Shulex

Tooting our own horn you might say. But, Shulex brings easy access to AI-powered customer, product and competitor data analysis in a simple and intuitive format. This is something that differentiates us from all of our competitors, and we proudly make that claim.

With Shulex you have multidimensional data on both your potential customers and competitors. Giving deep insight into a certain market before making your investment. By providing extensive data on your preferred products, their buyers and other sellers, you can start your business without fear of any uncalculated misfortunate. So, Shulex is definitely a tool that you should know about as an Amazon seller.

  1. Helium 10

If you want only one all-rounder Amazon Seller tool, then Helium 10 is it. Helium has all the features a seller can ask for. It is approximately twenty-two useful tools bundled together. You can use these to do everything- from researching your product to managing an impeccable inventory. As is true for any high-quality tool, Helium 10 has a friendly user interface that makes navigation easy and enjoyable. You can get the best informed and calculated forecasts on sales and inventory with Helium 10.

  1. Jungle Scout

Jungle scout is another awesome tool for Amazon Sellers. Alike Helium, it can also take care of your entire Amazon business. Plus, the relentless updating and introduction of new features always present new opportunities for improvement. One of the major attractions in Jungle Scout is the Supplier Database. You can use these features to compare and discover the best suppliers according to the needs of your business. Get access to a global supplier base from an easy-to-use interface.

  1. Teikametrics

Any aspiring businessman today knows the importance of the pay per click advertising model. However, running a PPC campaign can be quite difficult if you don’t have the proper expertise and experience. Teikametrics can be of great help in this regard. The combination of artificially intelligent algorithms and a friendly user interface makes Teikametrics one of the best tools for Amazon Sellers to manage and customize their PPC ads. Teikametrics optimizes the keyword bidding process in PPC ads with artificial intelligence. It also designs PPC campaigns best suited to your business goals.

  1. Viral Launch

Wouldn't it be great if you could know how a product will do in the market exactly when you conceived the idea? Well, Viral Launch's Market Intelligence does that for you. As a result, you don't end up wasting time, money, and effort on an idea that has a lesser chance of success. To do this, Viral Launch gathers past and present data from countless data points. You can use Viral Launch for free. However, a free account will limit you to only five searches per day.

  1. Feedback Whiz

Proper management of feedback yields more happy customers. It tells your customers that their concerns are heard and you are trying your best to live up to their expectations. However, evaluating the enormous pile of customer feedback manually is frankly impossible. This is where Feedback Whiz can help you. Feedback Whiz automates the process of tracking and monitoring your customer feedback. As a result, you can easily get the gist of what your customers are trying to say or feel in their feedback and take appropriate action in the quickest time.


In the highly competitive online business world, companies that best analyze the customers' minds will be the winner. And SaaS VOC tools can help you gain global insights into your growing customer base. So, be sure to give all the tools in this list a look and see what fits your business agenda.

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