6 Best Social Media Listening Tools in 2023? | Free & Paid |

6 Best Social Media Listening Tools in 2023? | Free & Paid |

May 8, 2023
Author: Krystal

In today's digital age, social listening has become an essential tool for businesses looking to monitor their online reputation and stay ahead of the competition. By tracking mentions, reviews, and articles, businesses can react in real-time to potential issues and identify opportunities for growth. Here are some tips to help you make the most of social listening:

  1. Monitor your brand's online reputation: Social listening allows you to track mentions of your brand across various platforms, including social media, blogs, and news articles. By monitoring your brand's online reputation, you can react in real-time to potential issues and prevent damage to your brand.
  2. Identify opportunities and threats: Social listening also allows you to monitor your competitors and industries, helping you identify opportunities for growth and potential threats to your business.
  3. Develop a strategy: By understanding your audience and the keywords associated with your brand, you can develop a social listening strategy that is tailored to your business needs. This can help you stay ahead of the competition and improve your online reputation.
  4. Use top social listening tools: There are many social listening tools available, including Buffer, Brandwatch, Falcon.io, Sprout Social, Mention, and Brand24. These tools offer sentiment analysis across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube, among others.
  5. Engage with influencers: Social listening can also help you identify influencers in your industry. By using related phrases and keywords, you can engage with influencers and gain detailed insights into your audience.
  6. Schedule automated reports: AI-powered tools can help you schedule automated reports straight to your inbox, saving you time and effort.

By following these tips, you can make the most of social listening and improve your online reputation. Remember to continually monitor and update your social listening strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

The Power of Social Media Listening: How to Harness Customer Insights

Video By @socialgenie2020

  1. Social listening is a way to monitor what customers and prospects are saying about your brand online.
  2. It includes monitoring social media mentions, forums, reviews, articles, etc., both positive and negative sentiments.
  3. Social monitoring involves reacting to specific comments or reviews in real-time before they can damage your brand permanently.
  4. You can also monitor competitors and industries for opportunities or threats.
  5. To develop a social listening strategy, you need to deeply understand your audience, think of keywords associated with your brand, and have a plan to react to insights gained from tracking sentiments across the internet.
  6. The top six social listening tools are Buffer (free), Brandwatch (paid), Falcon.io (paid), Sprout Social (paid), Mention (free/paid), and Brand24 (paid).
  7. These tools allow users to track market sentiment analysis for their brands across various platforms like Twitter, Facebook Instagram Reddit YouTube among others
  8. They help identify unusual levels of activity using artificial intelligence that detects peaks and troughs in data
  9. Users can engage with influencers & thought leaders in their industry by setting up related phrases & keywords for detailed insights
  10. You can schedule automated reports on these platforms which will be sent straight into your inbox

What's More - For E-commerce business, consumer insights are also very important

VOICE OF CUSTOMER lets consumers tell you what they need, what they expect, and why they buy. Multi-channel integration + AI intelligent insights + scientific business models, from data to action in a single step, using the voice of consumers to guide business decisions. consumer voice to guide business decisions. VOC can help you solve the following problems to improve product quality and drive brand growth.

  • A variety of feedback channels: Various feedback channels such as Amazon/ebay, social media, email/chat, etc.
  • Insufficient number of manual spot checks, resulting in wrong conclusions: Wrong insights, resulting in serious wrong business decisions
  • Time lag of insights conclusion: Organizational manpower spends a lot of time reviewing partial feedback, not able to identify problems in time
  • Inability to identify new opportunities in a timely manner: New opportunities are a few voices hidden in a large amount of feedback, which is difficult to find manually
  • Inability to develop quantifiable action points: Problems can't be optimized if they can't be measured
  • Which aspect of the competitor's product do consumers like and why? Everyone knows this product sells well, but few people know why?
  • In which aspect does the competitor surpass my brand and why? In which aspect of installation/use scenario/quality/packaging/logistics, the reputation is better than mine
  • Which attribute of the competitor has the best reputation and why? Which factor impresses consumers the most, capacity, color, material?
  • What are the reasons for my consumer churn? What consumers dislike most about the products/services I provide

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