StevenYang, CEO of Anker: AI ChatBot helps us solve more than 70% of customer service work

StevenYang, CEO of Anker: AI ChatBot helps us solve more than 70% of customer service work

November 23, 2023
Author: Krystal

At the 2023 Lark "AI future" autumn conference, Anker Founder and CEO Steven Yang gave a speech on the theme of "from searching knowledge to knowledge dialogue, building AI-driven learning  organization". Steven Yang said, "through cooperation with Voc.AI AI ChatBot, it has helped us solve at least 70% of the customer service work."

In fact, Anker has more than 300 customer service agents around the world, and has more than 10,000 mail and telephone customer service tickets every day, providing 6x10 hours of service in English, German, Japanese and other languages. In the past, it was a great challenge to train customer service in various languages to provide high-quality services for the continuously developing product portfolio.

Now, through cooperation with Voc.AI AI ChatBot, Anker has realized that nearly 70% of mails can be automatically replied based on knowledge base and AI Agent, and can complete corresponding system operations such as refund, replace and invoice generation without manual intervention at all. In addition, when the new product release, by refreshing the knowledge base, you can seamlessly provide mail and chat services in 10 different languages, and can be online 24 hours a day and reply in a timely manner within 1 minute.

"Next year, we will also extend automation to the call service to bring the best service experience to our users." Steven Yang said.

"High Star = High Cost" customer service pain points of brand

In the era of globalization, it is not enough to ensure success for a brand to go into the market only by entering the sea. It is the only way to successfully occupy the market to establish deep contact with customers in the target market and establish a good reputation. Among them, connecting the target market customers requires the brand to have a deep understanding of local culture, values and consumer behavior, while word of mouth is the customer's evaluation and recommend of the brand-product quality, brand trust, brand social responsibility,As well as user service and experience are the key factors that determine brand reputation. Anker innovation has always adhered to the word-of-mouth strategy, achieving an average star rating of more than 4.5 points in multiple markets, ranking first in global brand selection for many times.

However, with the promotion of globalization of overseas enterprises, the multi-language and multi-channel brand strategy not only needs to ensure the consistency of global customer service experience, but also ensures the timeliness of service SLA. Therefore, the development trend of many overseas brands has gradually changed from the integration of operation and service to the establishment of independent customer experience centers.However, although this strategy of raising high Stars ensures high stars, it may also face a series of challenges:

  • Language and cultural barriers: global customer service needs to face customers from different countries and regions. Language and cultural differences become a major challenge. Customer service personnel need to be able to communicate fluently and understand customer needs and habits under different cultural backgrounds.
  • Time zone difference and 24/7 support: global business means that customers may be distributed in different time zones, and 24/7 customer service support is required. This is a huge challenge for enterprises, and it is necessary to reasonably arrange the working hours and shift system of the customer service team.
  • Technology and platform integration: global customer service needs to provide support on different platforms, such as email, social media and online chat. The customer service team needs to be familiar with and adapt to different technical tools and platforms in order to communicate with customers efficiently.
  • Outsourcing and internal team costs: enterprises can choose to outsource or establish internal teams in global customer service. Outsourcing can reduce labor costs, but it may face challenges of language and cultural adaptation. Establishing an internal team can better control the quality of service, but it requires more human resources and training costs.
  • Regional data security and standards: the United States, Europe and other regions are regions with strong privacy and data protection. Both GDPR and California privacy agreements have strict requirements on transnational enterprises, and even require the establishment of localized data and service teams, which undoubtedly doubles the labor cost of customer service.

Intelligent efficiency improvement, quality and quantity measurement

As Steven Yang said, "AI will not replace people, but people who do not use AI will be replaced by people who learn AI".

Facing challenges, it is the general trend to embrace AI and take advantage of the important role intelligent robots play in global customer service to help enterprises improve efficiency and quality. Under the global wave of ChatGPT, intelligent robots that can deeply understand enterprises and realize deep communication with consumers have also emerged.

In the intelligent customer service robot project jointly created with Voc.AI(, using the enterprise knowledge base, product knowledge base, automated process SOP and AI trainer positions, Anker's innovative customer service team has achieved full-market and full-language intelligent robot coverage. Smart  robots can help Anker innovate more than 300 customer service agents worldwide every day,Communicate and solve more than 70% of the problems for 10000 + customers. While ensuring that the efficiency and volume meet the standards, Anker innovation also takes the closed loop of problem solving as the measurement standard, ensuring the accuracy of communication and customer satisfaction.

So, what are the characteristics of the intelligent customer service robot in the new era that can fully help the brand to go to sea:

  • Automatic generation of 2-minute dedicated robots: intelligent robots train enterprise data and  external information, and automatically parse them into FAQ to realize intelligent service through multi-modal service channels;
  • Exclusive knowledge system for multiple industries: you can create an exclusive industry knowledge base and AI model in global e-commerce, overseas games, and overseas finance industries;
  • High accuracy of independent knowledge system learning: supports document import, public network links, Mail contacts, service tickets, absorbs multi-channel knowledge, and makes the resolution  rate of independent customer service reach 70%;
  • Intelligent Multi-channel intergation: integrate mainstream service platforms Zendesk, Intercom,  and Tido, and support them intelligently without changing existing processes and tools;
  • Manual and machine-defined silky switching: it can not only enable intelligent customer service robots to close-loop complex customer complaints, but also seamlessly switch manual services, providing excellent customer experience from troubleshooting to solving;
  • More features help global intelligence: multi-language support services without borders, industry  intent customization of exclusive service strategy, plug-in and play cover independent sites  and Amazon.

Just as Anker Founder and CEO Steven Yang said: "The past is the era of Internet +, and the future must be the era of AI +". A truly leading enterprise needs to keep learning status at all times and embrace and practice new trends. For brands going abroad, service is the best window to communicate with consumers. We need to improve efficiency and reduce costs through AI capabilities,Similarly, we also need to ensure the consistency between brand mind and consumer experience through AI capabilities to achieve product-effect integration.

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