Chatbot Vs. Conversational Ai- Everything you need to know

Chatbot Vs. Conversational Ai- Everything you need to know

November 22, 2023
Author: Jessica

Though they shouldn't be, chatbots and conversational AI are frequently used interchangeably. You must understand the two prior to deciding which technology is best for your customer service experience.

Imagine you have a two friends, the first one loves answering every questions you ask like How are you”, “What is my favorite color?” or even “Where is my hometown?”. The second one knows a great deal and love long conversations; they tend to answer more complicated questions like “What is the difference between good and bad people” or are there moral commonalities amongst diverse people groups and cultures? We can show the connection of these examples to the Chatbot and Conversational Ai. We can observe in the first one that there is only predefined list of questions you can address to them, and in the second one, they can answer more complex questions. In this article we'll learn about what is Chatbot and Conversational AI, the similarities and difference of the two as well as their benefits.

Using AI models, it can assist you in automating processes such as responding to frequently asked customer questions. Learn everything there is to know about this tech product by reading on!

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What is Chatbot AI?

Chatbot is a custom ChatGPT-powered AI Chatbots trained on your own data, designed to provide secure, precise responses, and instantly reducing your team’s ticket volume. Chatbot leverages Generative AI models like GPT-4 to processes information from your support content to provide accurate and contextually relevant answers. It is operated on a straightforward input-output framework. For instance, user send a message and the chatbot processes them. Chatbots are frequently used in different tasks in customer service where they can efficiently handle inquiries, product information and even assist with problem solving. Chatbot are rule-based, meaning they follow a previously rules or company protocol. If the question not been defined; they will be unable to assist, and replied a “Sorry, I don’t understand.” response.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational Ai on the other hand is a group of technologies known as conversational artificial intelligence (AI) which can identify and reacting to text and speech inputs. It comprehends and contextualizes more natural and human interactions by merging data, machine learning, and language processing. Chatbots require artificial intelligence to improve their comprehension of human language and the capacity to carry out increasingly complicated activities and transactions to satisfy the demands of larger enterprises such as banks, insurance firms, and telecoms.

So chatbots are good for simple questions and quick answers, while conversational ai can understand what you're asking and carry on a more detailed conversation.

How Chatbot and Conversational Ai related?

Some of the types of Conversational Ai are Chatbots, Voice Assistants and interactive voice response. Both Chatbots and conversational Ai are on the rise in today’s business ecosystem to deliver a primes service for clients and customers. They are bot “helpers” when you need an answer. Conversational AI can be used to power chatbots to become smarter and more capable. But it's important to understand that not all chatbots are powered by conversational AI.

What is the difference between Chatbot and Conversational Ai?

Finding the best answer for your unique needs requires having a thorough understanding of these distinctions:

FeaturesChatbotConversational Ai
Available 24/7 365
Context-based navigationButton-focused navigation
Unlimited scalabilityLimited improvement capacity
Broad ScopeNarrow Scope
ChatbotConversational Ai
Text only commands inputs and outputsVoice and Text commands, inputs, and outputs
Sole Channel: chat onlyOmni Channel: websites, voice assistants, smart speakers, and call centers
Pre-planned, scripted dialogue flowUnderstanding, processing, and contextualization of natural language
Canned linear interactions based on rules. Unable to perform tasks that are outside of their scopeBroad-ranging, dynamic, non-linear interactions
Navigational PriorityDialogue Priority
Reconfiguration is required for any updates or revisions to the pre-established rules and conversational flow.Ongoing education and quick iteration cycles
Scaling manual upkeep, updates, and revisions is challenging and time-consuming.Very adaptable. The conversational Al interface updates in tandem with the company's pages and database.

What are the top 5 benefits of using Shulex Voc Ai Chatbot?

Here are the Top 5 benefits of using Voc AI Chatbots:

1. It can handle complex problems- Yes, it is equipped to triage and address complex issues. It can transfer such problems to human support teams to ensure customers receive the best possible assistance.

2. Voc AI Chatbot seamlessly integrates with various platforms, including Zendesk, Intercom, Tidio, and more, ensuring a consistent customer interaction experience.

3. This is user friendly, with minimal learning curve. The platform offers easy integration and customization to suit your specific business needs.

4. Highly customizable to adapt to the specific requirements of various industries. It can be tailored to address unique challenges and cater to industry-specific queries.

5. Proficient in all languages and provide professional service 24/7, allow you to respond in customer issue with a second and can automatically identify the customer intent.


Both Chatbots and conversational Ai are on the rise in today’s business ecosystem to deliver a primes service for clients and customers. They are bot “helpers” when you need an answer. Customers may obtain simple inquiry responses more quickly and easily thanks to conversational AI. Support representatives also have less tickets to process, which gives them more time to handle the more complicated inquiries that chatbots and virtual assistants are unable to manage. Businesses may improve customer satisfaction and profitability by fusing the strengths of AI tools and people.

In this article you learned that by using chatbot you can save 3 things: Time, Money, and Manpower. If you truly want to boost your sales, then it is crucial to keep your customers engaged. And for better engagement, companies implement Shulex Voc Ai chatbots, especially for social media marketing. A good example of this would be “online reservation.” The moment a customer communicates with the chatbot and shows interest in booking, the bot immediately leads the customer to the booking page and closes the sale. This leaves the customer happy and satisfied because the service is quick and hassle-free. Chatbots can also be programmed to have a personality, sound natural and humorous, making them appear more humanlike. This makes a customer’s experience more pleasant. Unlike your support team, chatbots don't need any sleep. When a customer needs assistance, your company can be there, even outside of normal business hours. Try Shulex VOC Ai chatbots today and Resolve 80% of your support queries instantly!

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