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Full Guide to Amazon Seller App 2023: How to Maximize Your Sale with the FREE Tool

Full Guide to Amazon Seller App 2023: How to Maximize Your Sale with the FREE Tool

March 22, 2023
Author: Krystal

Contrary to what people may believe, operating an eCommerce shop isn't precisely the effortless make-money-in-your-PJs lifestyle. Online retailers still have a lot on their plate: finding products, forming new relationships, researching competitors, and staying updated on market trends. The Amazon Seller app helps make all this a lot easier by providing a central hub for managing your store's operations.

The Amazon Seller app is free to download and provides helpful features like product management and customer reviews. You can also easily view your sales performance and monitor your inventory. Furthermore, the app has other useful features that Amazon merchants can access from their smartphones effortlessly, no matter where they are.

So, is this Amazon seller app worth your while?

Table Of Contents

  • What Can Amazon Sellers Do With Amazon Seller App?
  • How To Use The Amazon Seller App?
  • Tips To Make Money With The Amazon Seller App
  • FAQs
  • Summary

What Can Amazon Sellers Do With Amazon Seller App?

Selling on Amazon isn't all about accessing millions of potential customers. It's also a way to access powerful e-commerce tools like the Amazon Seller app to help you run and grow your online business anywhere.

The benefits of using the Amazon Seller app include the following:

Create Product Listings

The Amazon Seller app allows you to create new product listings and update existing catalogs. You can also use your mobile device's camera to scan barcodes, take product photos, and upload documents.

Edit Product Photos

Amazon Seller app's Product Photo Studio allows you to quickly take, adjust, edit, and submit professional-grade product images that meet Amazon's standards.

Manage Product Inventory

The Seller app allows merchants to analyze product-level inventory details. The app also offers aggregated analytics and data and helps you optimize your supply decisions and check the status of available channels.

Manage Pricing

With the Amazon Seller app—you can get detailed product pricing information, manage and update prices, and receive a prediction of fees when the product is sold. Additionally, you can view low-price matches and see what your competitors charge for the same product.

Receive Real-Time Notifications

The Amazon Seller app lets you stay on top of your orders and activities with notifications sent directly to your smartphone. Keep up with pending orders and account status by viewing real-time updates. Easily manage returns, issue refunds on the fly, or if you use FBA to outsource order fulfillment, get insights into the status of shipments at any given time. This way, you can be sure orders are being processed, shipped, and completed.

Track And Analyze Sales

With the Seller app, you can monitor product sales over time and identify the best-selling products. You can utilize charts to monitor business performance from this year compared with past years.

Track Customer Service And Engagement

Online store owners can manage customer feedback and post public responses using the Seller Feedback Manager. In addition, quickly reply to inquiries with customizable email templates, so you never miss an important message again.

How To Use The Amazon Seller App?

Before you can use the Amazon Seller app, let us show you how to download and open an account.

First, download the Amazon Seller app from your device's app store.

Now, open the app and select "Sign Up" if you are a new user or "Log In" if you already have an account. Next, enter all of your personal information and set up your payment settings. Finally, create a Seller Central account by providing your company name and contact details.

Now that you have an Amazon Seller account, here are a few basic features:

1. Creating And Managing Product Listings

You can easily add and upgrade product listings with the Amazon Seller app. The app allows you to further promote the products already in your store by updating vital information, adjusting prices, and optimizing product images for SEO.

Click the "Add a Product" tab and search for the desired product. You can create new entries or add offers to existing items listed in Amazon's store. Additionally, individuals can create new listings for products not currently found in Amazon stores. When listing a product, scan the barcode or use the Visual Search feature powered by AI to save time.

2. Respond To Customer Feedback And Needs

With the Seller app, you can foster relationships with customers and transform visitors into returning buyers. Tap on your home screen's Communications icon to view customer feedback and reply to messages. You can respond to them or mark them as "reply not needed". Moreover, you can filter messages you didn't reply to or use keywords to find specific messages. In addition, you can use customized email templates to answer frequent queries quickly. Then there is the Feedback Manager, which you can use to publish public responses, read customer reviews, and track ratings.

3. Track Orders And Sales Performance

The Amazon Seller app provides metrics and sales data to analyze the overall sales performance of your business. Quickly tap the sales chart to view and evaluate your best sellers, identify trends, and get up-to-date insights on product performance. With just one more click of your finger, you can dive deep into long-term patterns in individual products' sales history.

Seamlessly transition between product sales and units sold using the gear icon in the app. Furthermore, select your data range for the past 7 days, 30 days, or current week/month to narrow down results.

To review payment details and statements (both present and previous), tap on Payments from your homepage. Additionally, see processed refunds, ongoing orders, and other transactions.

With the app, you can monitor each step of the fulfillment process: from customers placing an order to packages arriving at their door.

Additionally, keep track of return statistics, and essential metrics such as on-time deliveries, late shipment figures, cancellation numbers, etc.

4. Monitor Account Performance

The Amazon Seller app also helps you keep track of your account performance. Tap 'Account Health' on the home screen to access the dashboard and view metrics about your product performance and complaints. With this tool, you can quickly analyze the areas of your business that may require attention so that you can make improvements.

Tap the News tab for Amazon's most recent updates and policy news. Tap the banner on the home screen to find any critical issues that might affect the performance of your account.

Tips To Make Money With The Amazon Seller App

There are many different ways to make money with the Amazon Seller app. Here are some tips:

1. Take advantage of Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon program - This program allows you to fulfill orders without worrying about packing and shipping them yourself.

2. Utilize the advertising tools in the app - You can create campaigns, adjust bids, and monitor the performance of ads all through the app.

3. Establish a presence on social media platforms - Social media can be a great way to get your products noticed by potential customers and drive sales from new traffic sources.

4. Optimize product descriptions for SEO - Make sure that you include relevant keywords in your product descriptions so that they show up in search results.

5. Monitor your account performance regularly - Keep an eye on the metrics in the app and address any issues quickly. With the app's home page chart and business report features, you can access in-depth sales data reports broken down into individual product listings (ASINs). This info will guide your decisions to help ensure successful conversions.

6. Leverage Visual Search feature - This powerful AI scanning feature allows customers to find products based on their uploaded pictures. With barcode and image search capabilities, you can quickly discover the products you need in Amazon's catalog with access to detailed product information.

For maximum convenience, you can access this amazing feature in two quick steps: First, tap on the camera icon from your home screen. Then, select 'Add a Product' to begin.

7. Follow Amazon's best practices - Knowing and following Amazon's selling guidelines can help ensure that you see success with the platform.

8. Monitor customer reviews - Amazon Seller app allows you to monitor customer product reviews. This feature helps you understand how customers feel about your product and services so you can take necessary measures to improve them.

Identifying what customers dislike about a product is essential because avoiding those issues can generate fewer negative reviews and maximize positive customer feedback. That's where competitor analysis tools come in.

Shulex VOC is an AI-driven platform to help you gain insight into your competitors' products. It also works great for researching products on Amazon. This platform analyses thousands of Amazon customer reviews to provide critical insights regarding what consumers enjoyed and disliked and what they wished was different.

In addition, this ChatGPT tool for Amazon offers invaluable insights on a single ASIN or multiple ASINs to help you discover new ways to enhance the product for your customers and add more value.

Shulex VOC's ChatGPT tool for Amazon simplifies the process of Amazon listing optimization and takes your business to new heights. With this powerful tool, you can easily find products, drive traffic to your store, analyze customer reviews & more.

Because the tool allows you to access data sources such as blogs, forums, news comments, and social media—you can easily find out which products have the highest potential for success and use the feedback from customer reviews to improve your product offerings.

Another great feature of Shulex VOC's ChatGPT tool for Amazon is automatic and periodic VOC reporting. With this ChatGPT tool for Amazon, you get access to automated Amazon listing optimization reports, which are run periodically. You can stay in the know and ensure your listings remain optimized and performing as they should.

When you have your product on the market, it's critical that Amazon sellers regularly monitor customer reviews of their products. The ChatGPT tool for Amazon helps provide valuable insight into issues such as increased returns, lower conversion rates, and star ratings so that sellers can quickly identify problems before they become too large to fix.

Moreover, this tool is incredibly helpful for analyzing customer demographics; it can quickly read and export hundreds of reviews and search through them based on specific keywords.

Shulex VOC is easy to use, demanding no coding abilities or technical skills. And the dashboard allows you to see all of your insights with one glance swiftly.

Overall, Shulex VOC's ChatGPT tool for Amazon is an incredibly powerful and invaluable asset for any Amazon seller. With this tool, you can quickly access vast amounts of data sources to uncover customer insight and optimize your product listings for maximum success.


So there you have it - a comprehensive guide to the Amazon Seller app and tips for maximizing its potential. This app allows you to easily manage your products, monitor account performance, access important fulfillment metrics, and follow Amazon's best practices. Additionally, leverage visual search features and use AI-driven tools like Shulex VOC to optimize product descriptions for SEO and uncover critical insights about customer feedback. Follow these steps and make money with the Amazon seller app.


Is the Amazon seller app legit? Is it official?

Yes, the Amazon Seller App is a legitimate and official app from Amazon. With the app, you can manage your business from any device by accessing powerful tools to grow your sales, track vital metrics, respond to customer reviews quickly, and more. You can also access exclusive features for Prime members that help you win buyers' trust and increase sales. So yes, the Amazon Seller App is legit and official.

Which app should I use to sell on Amazon?

The best app to use for selling on Amazon is the Amazon Seller App. With this app, you can manage your inventory and sales, respond to customer messages, view reports and customer feedback, update product details, track orders and returns, and more. You can also use other third-party platforms like Shulex VOC designed to help merchants succeed with their Amazon business. These apps analyze customer reviews, track sales performance, and help you find the best products to sell on Amazon.

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