Full Review of Fakespot Analyzer 2023 - Is It Accurate?

Full Review of Fakespot Analyzer 2023 - Is It Accurate?

March 14, 2023
Author: Krystal


Have you ever encountered fake online reviews that ruined your excitement about a product? You're not alone. But fear not, as Fakespot Analyzer claims to identify fake reviews and provide reliable ratings.

To determine whether it lives up to its promise, we'll dive deep into Fakespot Analyzer, analyzing its features and accuracy in this review.

Part 1: How does Fakespot work?

FakeSpot is a tool that checks if online reviews are real or fake. You can use it on Amazon, eBay, Sephora, Best Buy, etc. It looks for mistakes in spelling and grammar and analyzes if the dates and number of reviews seem right.

For example, if a review keeps saying "amazing" and "great," it might be fake. After checking the reviews, FakeSpot gives a grade from A to F to show how reliable they are. If a product gets an "F" because many of the reviews are fake, it's easy to know not to buy it.

However, sometimes people think the FakeSpot grade shows how good the product is when it just shows how trustworthy the reviews are. It's important to remember that writing fake reviews is against the law in some countries.

While Fakespot Analyzer is generally reliable, remember that no algorithm is perfect. There is always a possibility of the tool making mistakes in its evaluation of reviews. For example, it may flag genuine reviews as fake or vice versa.

Additionally, Fakespot's analysis is limited to written reviews. So, it may not always catch fake reviews that are more subtle or difficult to detect. It is also important to note that Fakespot's review analysis is based on a limited amount of data. They can't guarantee the accuracy of every review. For example, products from Apple may only get B-C-D from Fakespot.

Nevertheless, it is always better to use Fakespot as a tool with other resources when purchasing decisions. That way, consumers can make more informed decisions when shopping online. They can avoid falling victim to fraudulent or misleading reviews.

Part 2: How to use Fakespot

Now that you have learned the general idea of Fakespot Analyzer, let's find out its features and how to use it. Fakespot Analyzer's advanced features include the following:

  • The ability to detect incentivized reviews;
  • Review text analysis;
  • Adjusted rating.

FakeSpot also offers browser extensions for added convenience. So users can access the tool's features without leaving the product page. They can get insights into a product's reviews and ratings without going through many websites.

The Adjusted Rating is an example of how the Fakespot extension can provide users with a more convenient and reliable online shopping experience. It considers the number of reviews, the reviews' quality, and the reviewer's history. Then, Fakespot Analyzer uses this information to assign a new rating to the product.

See the step-by-step guide below on how to use it:

Step 1: Go to https://www.fakespot.com/ and click “Add to Chrome.” It will direct you to the Chrome Web Store, then click Add to Chrome again.

Step 2: Once installed, you should see the Fakespot Analyzer on your Chrome Extensions. You can click the extension to find and adjust the settings.

Step 3: Visit the product or business page that you want to analyze. For this tutorial, we try Amazon as an example. You will immediately see a report of Fakespot rating for the reviews of each product.

You can also click the Fakespot rating badge to see a detailed breakdown of the rating. It will show the reviews rate on a scale of A to F, with A being the most reliable and F being the least reliable.

Part 3: Things you should know when using the app

Before relying on Fakespot Analyzer to check reviews, you have to remember a few key points:

  1. The tool is based on a review algorithm and may not always be 100% accurate.

A product can receive an ‘F’ negative review rating but still be genuine. It is because some Amazon sellers have complained about Fakespot. They believe that the tool unfairly rates their products and reviews. Despite having verified buyers and positive reviews, they received low ratings from Fakespot.

See one of the Fakespot reviews from Trustpilot below:

  1. It is only intended to analyze reviews.

Fakespot helps identify suspicious patterns in reviews. So, it does not provide information about the product itself. Buyers should still conduct their own research on the product. They need to read product descriptions and compare them to similar products to make an informed decision.

  1. Fakespot Analyzer isn’t that great for online shopping platforms.

Fakespot Analyzer works better for evaluating reviews for restaurants, hotels, and travel-related services. A restaurant owner reported on Trustpilot that it worked fine for their business. This is because the reviews for these types of businesses tend to be more reliable and trustworthy. Thus, it eases Fakespot Analyer to analyze them with accuracy.

While some Amazon sellers may have negative experiences with Fakespot, you don't need to worry. There are other tools that can help businesses improve their online reputation.

One such tool is Shulex VOC. It provides a detailed analysis of customer reviews and feedback. Shulex allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and boost their reputation.

Shulex VOC can provide a more comprehensive understanding of a business's online reputation. This tool can help them make informed decisions about improving its customer reviews.

Businesses can see honest reviews and feedback from their customers to help them identify areas of strength and weakness. That way, they can improve their products and services accordingly.

Now integrated with ChatGPT, Shulex VOC is even far more intelligent when it comes to review analysis:

  • The model of Shule VOC grows more scientific, and the result is more accurate.
  • Shulex VOC can expand data sources for VOC analysis with the help of ChatGPT, allowing businesses to obtain voices from all channels, such as blogs, forums, news comments, social media, and more own media or information.
  • Shulex VOC, or the ChatGPT tool for Amazon can help make data analysis accurate and automatically produce conclusions, which are only suggestions for operations.
  • Shulex VOC for Amazon can help Amazon sellers periodically generate VOC reports instead of manual monitoring.

So, while Amazon sellers may be disappointed with a low rating from Fakespot, they should not lose hope. By utilizing alternative tools like Shulex VOC, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their online reputation and take steps to improve it. In the end, it will lead to increased sales and success.

Try free Shulex VOC

Part 4: Summary

Fakespot Analyzer is a tool for analyzing the credibility of reviews on various online platforms. Yet, it's important to note that Fakespot's ratings are based on a complex algorithm. It's not always 100% accurate. Fakespot should not be the sole factor in making a purchasing decision.

Instead, buyers should research the product and use Fakespot's ratings to complement other research methods. If businesses want to improve their online reputation, tools like Shulex VOC can also provide valuable insights.

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