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High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the...

High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the...

April 4, 2024
Author: Big Y

Understanding Company Culture and Engaging Employees

In today's fast-paced world of commerce, it's more important than ever to understand the special code of technologically clued-in commerce. This includes social media, how to respond, when to respond, and when to keep your mouth shut. In this article, we'll cover all of these topics and more, including how to appropriately select and engage your employees.

The Power of Touch

Behavioral scientist Nicola Gigo proved the power of touch, demonstrating that giving a light touch on the arm nearly doubles your chance of getting what you want. This includes convincing someone to join you in charity work, getting the phone number of an attractive stranger, getting the quiet newcomer in the meeting to take on a thankless project, and even convincing a stranger to participate in a supermarket taste test and ultimately buy your product.

Before we get too dependent on Gigo's work, it's important to note that his research strays into some curious territory, such as determining the ideal bust size for female hitchhikers to entice a male driver to stop. However, we can't actually touch our customers on the arm, so we need to figuratively touch our customers if we're going to provide memorable customer service.

Touching and Teaching Your Customers

The goal of this article is to show you how to succeed at touching customers while keeping your technological edge. You'll learn how to make that touch more effective through your technological edge, as well as how to use the right technology, people, and company culture to ensure that your touch is feather light, not intrusive or more than the customer wants, and always and only when the customer wants it.

The ultimate goal is to touch customers in a way that builds true customer loyalty, loyalty you can bank on. Since the advent of the internet and the broad use of the World Wide Web starting in the mid-1990s, there's been a dramatic transformation of the competitive landscape. The changes wrought by these new communication and distribution channels are in many ways revolutionary and they're causing disruptions akin to those of past revolutions.

The Importance of Timeliness

One of the most important changes in the world of commerce is our sense of timeliness. What was plenty fast this time last year feels draggy now to the very same customers. This is due to changing expectations brought by mobile technology, social media-induced restlessness, and the incredible efficiency of vendors like Amazon.com. It's crucial to invest brain cells and time into keeping up with these changes to avoid being left behind by today's transformational technologies.

Pros and Cons


- Understanding company culture can lead to better employee engagement and retention

- Touching customers in a way that builds true customer loyalty can lead to increased sales and revenue

- Keeping up with changing technology and customer expectations can help businesses stay competitive


- It can be difficult to navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology and customer expectations

- Building true customer loyalty takes time and effort, and there's no guarantee of success


- Understanding company culture is key to engaging employees and providing memorable customer service

- The power of touch can be used figuratively to build customer loyalty

- Keeping up with changing technology and customer expectations is crucial to staying competitive in today's world of commerce


Q: How can I ensure that my touch is feather light and not intrusive?

A: By using the right technology, people, and company culture, you can ensure that your touch is always and only when the customer wants it.

Q: What are some examples of changing customer expectations?

A: Customers now expect faster response times, personalized experiences, and seamless interactions across multiple channels.

Q: How can I keep up with changing technology?

A: It's important to invest time and brain cells into staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends and innovations. This can include attending conferences, reading industry publications, and networking with other professionals in your field.


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