How do Amazon product reviews affect your sales?

How do Amazon product reviews affect your sales?

December 27, 2022
Author: GuoJie

Anyone who has been navigating the online marketplace as a seller or customer knows the impact of reviews. Would you feel confident in purchasing an item that has bad reviews and ratings on Amazon? Probably not.

Meanwhile, positive Amazon product reviews give customers faith to try a new product and encourage them to try brands they didn't know before. In other words, a single convincing review can be more effective in turning visitors into customers than any other marketing campaign.

Various Impacts of Amazon Product reviews

Positive customer reviews can help a business more than any other marketing attempt. That's because customers today are already aware of the fact that companies would say anything to sell their products. So, no matter how attractive an ad you design, the customer might appreciate it, but never fully trust it.

People Believe People More than Companies

When a genuine review appears on your Amazon storefront, it tells the customer that all the things the company is saying about its products are true. Meanwhile, no matter what you say about your product, if the reviews are negative, you will have a hard time selling them.

Apart from that, reviews help people understand how they would feel when using the product. A happy customer wouldn't hesitate to provide a detailed account of their experience with products. And that can help readers or viewers discover more features of your service and kindle their interest.

These days, more than ninety percent of online customers look for a review before buying a product. And a positive or negative review is the last thing standing between leaving the site or making the purchase. Plus, with the increased number of fraudulent sellers, genuine reviews are the only way for the average customer to confirm the authenticity of a product.

Improve Your Business’s Online Presence

An increase in the number of good reviews and positive ratings improves the online presence of your business. For instance, if your store has more positive reviews, it will increase your ranking in Amazon's webspace. As a result, people will easily find your product or view them first when they search with your target keywords.

Besides Amazon, reviews also help to optimize your store for search engines. In other words, Amazon reviews will do a lot of SEOs for your products. Therefore, your business shall appear at the top of search engine results. This translates to greater conversion rates and enhances brand visibility.

Ways To Obtain Good Amazon Reviews

Joining the Amazon Vine program is one of the best ways for sellers to obtain quality reviews on their sites. The Amazon Vine Program is an invitation-based program that selects authentic and insightful reviewers on the site. These people are designated as Vine Voices.

When you request a review from Vine Voices, you will send the reviewer a sample product free of charge. The reviewers will then use the product and produce a detailed and honest review to showcase on your storefront.

This helps Amazon filter out fake reviews and enhances the importance of written Amazon reviews.

To join the Vine Program as an Amazon seller, you must have an Amazon Store that you had already launched. You need to show an existing inventory of the product you want to be reviewed. It's also essential that you have proper pictures and descriptions of the target product on your site. Also, make sure your product detail page doesn't have more than 30 reviews.


Once you start receiving reviews for your product, you would want to extract the underlying emotional tone of these texts.

This will help you gain more insights into your products and improve them accordingly. A Voice of Customer tool is offered in the form of SaaS, like the one we have at Shulex. So, why not start a free trial today?

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