How to Build an Appointment Booking Chatbot

How to Build an Appointment Booking Chatbot

May 6, 2024
Author: Nick Ning

πŸ“ How to Create an Appointment Booking Chatbot Without Any Coding

Are you tired of manually scheduling appointments for your business? Look no further! In this article, we will show you how to create an appointment booking chatbot without any coding using Whatnot. Follow these steps to streamline your appointment booking process and save time.

πŸ€– Bot Builder

First, navigate to the Bot Builder in Whatnot. There are various channels for which you can create the chatbot, but for this article, we will focus on building one for a website. Click on "Build from Scratch" and you will be taken to the canvas where you can create the chatbot flow.

πŸ“ Renaming the Bot

Let's start by renaming the bot to "Appointment Booking."

🎬 Adding Action Blocks

Next, add action blocks with the help of the plus button. Action blocks are used to perform a specific action. For example, if you want to send a greeting message, select the "Sender Message" action block.

πŸ“š Buttons Action Block

Select the "Buttons" action block to give multiple options to the visitor, such as exploring services, scheduling a demo, and learning more about your company. This way, you can have a separate conversation flow for each option.

πŸ“… Scheduler Demo Option

Let's focus on the "Schedule a Demo" option for appointment bookings. There are three action blocks that you can use. The first is the "Calendar" action block. Click on it and add basic details. You can also exclude days when you are usually unavailable or manually select the dates when you do not want any meetings to be scheduled. This is what the calendar would look like in the chat interface.

πŸ“† Calendly

The second option is the "Calendly" action block. You just have to select your account and the event, and that's it. This is how it would look like.

πŸ—“οΈ Google Calendar

The last option is the "Google Calendar" action block, which requires you to connect your Google account, set the availability time zone, and fill in some details.

βœ… Success and Failure Message Action Blocks

Next, add two message action blocks, one for success and the other for failure of appointment booking.

πŸ€” Other Options

Let's also make the conversation flow for the rest of the options. If you simply want to create the scheduling flow, you can skip the buttons action block and go straight to the calendar action block. It's totally up to you how you want to build the chatbot.

πŸ§ͺ Testing the Bot

Now that our flow is ready, let's test this bot. If you think the flow needs some tweaks, you can always go back and make changes.

πŸš€ Deploying the Bot

Lastly, hit the deploy button and you're done! Sign up to Whatnot today to automate your appointment booking for your business.

🌟 Highlights

- Create an appointment booking chatbot without any coding using Whatnot

- Add action blocks to perform specific actions

- Use the "Buttons" action block to give multiple options to the visitor

- Use the "Calendar," "Calendly," or "Google Calendar" action blocks for scheduling

- Add message action blocks for success and failure of appointment booking

- Test and deploy the bot


Q: Can I use this chatbot for other types of bookings besides appointments?

A: Yes, you can customize the chatbot flow to fit your specific booking needs.

Q: Is Whatnot the only platform that allows me to create a chatbot without coding?

A: No, there are other platforms available, but Whatnot is a great option for those who want a user-friendly interface.

Q: Can I integrate this chatbot with my website?

A: Yes, you can easily integrate the chatbot with your website using Whatnot's integration options.


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