How to Spot a Fake Review: Tips and Tools for Online Shoppers

How to Spot a Fake Review: Tips and Tools for Online Shoppers

June 5, 2023

In today's world, the internet is filled with bogus reviews. These reviews can be created by the seller or someone pretending to be them. It can be tough to differentiate between genuine and fake reviews, but it's essential to do so as these reviews can impact our purchasing decisions.

According to a survey conducted during Amazon's annual Prime Day, 78% of respondents said that reviews matter and impact their buying decisions. Thus, it's crucial to be aware of fake reviews and how to spot them. In this article, we'll provide you with tips and tools to spot fake reviews and shop smarter.

Tips for Spotting Fake Reviews

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Look for Context

Look for reviews that provide context for the rating given. Genuine reviews will typically include specific details about the product, its features, and why they liked or disliked it. On the other hand, fake reviews tend to be generic and vague.

Natural Sounding Language

Fake reviews often use unnatural-sounding language and are overly promotional. Genuine reviews, on the other hand, use natural-sounding language and are more conversational in tone.

No Competitor Plugs

Fake reviews often end up plugging competitor products, whereas genuine reviews will focus on the product being reviewed and its features.

Suspicious Ratings

Be wary of reviews that are overly positive or negative without offering enough detail. Also, brief five-star and one-star reviews, especially if posted on the same day, may indicate suspicious activity.

Tools to Spot Fake Reviews

Amazon's Verified Purchase Label

Amazon added a Verified Purchase label to combat fake reviews. However, this does not account for schemes where reviewers are compensated for legitimate purchases.

Report Abuse Button

You can report fake reviews to Amazon by clicking the Report Abuse button under the review. Amazon will investigate and remove the review if found to be fake.


Fakespot rates product pages on websites, including Amazon, based on the reliability of reviews. Its algorithm analyzes language, previous reviews, and purchase history to determine the trustworthiness of reviews and reviewers.

ReviewMeta and The Review Index

ReviewMeta and The Review Index are tools that automatically remove unreliable reviews and provide a new rating for the product without those reviews.

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Fake reviews are a significant problem on the internet, and it's essential to be aware of them while shopping online. By following the tips and using the tools mentioned in this article, you can spot fake reviews and make informed purchasing decisions. Remember to look for context, natural-sounding language, and no competitor plugs when reading reviews. Additionally, use tools like Amazon's Verified Purchase Label, Fakespot, ReviewMeta and Shulex VOC to identify fake reviews.

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