How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews for Sellers?

How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews for Sellers?

December 27, 2022
Author: GuoJie

How to spot fake Amazon reviews for sellers?

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, with over 310 million active customer accounts. And according to a recent study, around 8% of all reviews on the site are fake. That might not seem like a lot, but when you consider that there are over 12 million sellers on Amazon, it quickly adds up! So how can you spot these fake reviews? Keep reading to find out!

Identifying characteristics of a fake review

When you're looking for reviews on Amazon, it's important to be able to spot a fake review. There are a few key characteristics that can help you identify a fake review.

First, take a look at the reviewer's profile. If they have only reviewed the one product, or if they have a very new account, that's a red flag. Also, check to see if the reviewer has verified their purchase of the product.

Next, look at the content of the review itself. A fake review is often shorter and less detailed than a real one. It may also contain grammar and spelling errors. And, beware of reviews that are nothing but positive - they may be fake.

If you're still not sure, you can always check other reviews for the same product. If there are several positive reviews that all sound very similar, chances are they're fake.

Spotting a fake review can be tricky, but it can easily be done by using Amazon Review Exporter developed by Shulex. Amazon Review Exporter is also known as Amazon Review Analytic Tool. It’s an advanced tool used for gathering tons of unstructured Amazon reviews in bulk and using data labelling, NLP, ML and AI to generate structured analytical results. It helps sellers and brands to gauge overall customer satisfaction, identify the most frequent product usage scenarios and the most effective pricing strategy, pinpoint the potential areas of product improvement and innovation, communicate brand messaging and much more. Furthermore, it is an important tool for brands to build a customer-centric business. By being aware of the characteristics of a fake review, it enables sellers to identify accurate information about their competitors products on Amazon.

How to tell if a seller is buying fake reviews

It's no secret that some sellers on Amazon resort to buying fake reviews in order to boost their sales. But how can you tell if a seller is doing this? Here are some things to look for:

- An unusually high number of reviews, especially within a short period of time

- A sudden spike in positive reviews after a period of negative or no reviews

- Reviews that are very short and lack detail

- Reviews that use similar language or phrases

- Reviews from users with no other activity on their Amazon account

If you see any of these red flags, it's possible that the seller has bought fake reviews. Of course, this isn't always the case, so be sure to investigate further before coming to any conclusions.

The consequences of selling products with fake reviews

Many sellers don't realize that there can be serious consequences for getting caught selling products with fake reviews.

First and foremost, Amazon can and will ban sellers from their platform if they are caught selling products with fake reviews. This means that you will no longer be able to sell on Amazon, which can obviously have a major impact on your business.

In addition, selling products with fake reviews is also against the law in many jurisdictions. This means that you could potentially face legal action and fines if you are caught selling products with fake reviews.

So, if you are an Amazon seller, it is definitely not worth it to risk your account and your business by selling products with fake reviews. It's just not worth the consequences!

Amazon's policy on fake reviews

As an Amazon seller, it's important to be aware of Amazon's policy on fake reviews. This will help you avoid getting your account suspended or banned.

What are fake reviews?

Fake reviews are those that are not genuine and are written for the purpose of artificially inflating a product's rating. They can be positive or negative, but they are not based on real customer experiences.

Why is Amazon cracking down on fake reviews?

Amazon is cracking down on fake reviews because they want to ensure that customers are getting accurate information about products. Fake reviews can mislead customers and lead them to make purchase decisions that they might not otherwise make.

What does Amazon's policy say about fake reviews?

Amazon's policy prohibits any attempt to manipulate reviews, including writing fake reviews. If you are caught writing fake reviews, your account could be suspended or even banned.

How to report a seller with fake reviews?

If you come across a seller on Amazon with fake reviews, you can report them to Amazon. Here's how:

1. Go to the seller's profile page.

2. Click the "Report" button.

3. Select "Seller has fake reviews.

4. Click "Submit."

Amazon will then investigate the seller and take appropriate action if they are found to be violating our policies.


Overall, it's not too difficult to spot fake Amazon reviews if you know what to look for. Pay attention to the number of reviews, the language used in the reviews, and the overall tone of the reviews. If something seems fishy, it probably is. And when in doubt, you can always reach out to the seller directly to ask questions about their product.

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