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Is Shopify The Right Business For Me?

Is Shopify The Right Business For Me?

February 25, 2024
Author: Big Y

Is Shopify the Right Business for You?

Are you considering starting an e-commerce business but not sure if Shopify is the right platform for you? In this article, we will break down the pros and cons of starting a Shopify business and help you determine if it aligns with your strengths and interests.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The Growth of E-commerce

3. A Day in the Life of a Successful Shopify Store Owner

4. Pros of Starting a Shopify Business

5. Cons of Starting a Shopify Business

6. Is Shopify Right for You?

7. Other Online Business Opportunities

8. Conclusion

9. Resources

The Growth of E-commerce

E-commerce has been growing exponentially over the past few years, with an average growth rate of 15 to 20 percent every single year. As you can see from the graph below, there are no signs of it slowing down.

![E-commerce Growth Graph](https://i.imgur.com/7JZJzJL.png)

This growth trend is expected to continue, making e-commerce a lucrative industry to enter. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own online store with ease.

A Day in the Life of a Successful Shopify Store Owner

Before we dive into the pros and cons of starting a Shopify business, let's take a look at what a typical day might look like for a successful Shopify store owner.

In the morning, you would wake up and check yesterday's sales and today's sales. You would then check fulfillment to ensure that all orders are being fulfilled promptly. You would also check customer service tickets and emails to ensure that you are answering them promptly.

Next, you would check your ads on all the different platforms that you're running, such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, and YouTube. You would also be looking at your website, improving it, and making sure that the conversion rate stays at a good spot.

Throughout the day, you would be regularly checking your Shopify app and your Facebook ads to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You would also be thinking about your business pretty much all day, as it is in the back of your mind.

Pros of Starting a Shopify Business

1. Easy to Use: Shopify is a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for anyone to start an online store, even with no prior experience.

2. Customizable: Shopify offers a wide range of customizable templates and themes, allowing you to create a unique and professional-looking store.

3. Low Startup Costs: Starting a Shopify business is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of businesses. You can start with as little as $29 per month.

4. Flexibility: With a Shopify business, you have the freedom to set your own schedule and work from anywhere in the world.

5. Scalability: Shopify is a scalable platform, meaning that you can start small and grow your business over time.

Cons of Starting a Shopify Business

1. No Human Contact: Starting a Shopify business means that you will be working alone for the most part, with no co-workers or human contact.

2. Mild to Moderate Stress: Running a business can be stressful, and there will be times when you will have to deal with customer complaints, delays in fulfillment, and other issues.

3. Possibility of Losing Money: There is always a chance that your first product may not work out, and you may lose money in the process.

Is Shopify Right for You?

Shopify is the right business for you if you are okay with the possibility of losing money to achieve success, are comfortable with the mild to moderate stress that comes with running a business, and are okay with working alone for the most part.

If you thrive on human contact and want a set routine, then Shopify may not be the right business for you. However, if you are a creative person who wants complete control over your website and the ability to customize it to your liking, then Shopify is definitely the right business for you.

Other Online Business Opportunities

If you are not sure that e-commerce is the right business for you, there are other online business opportunities that you can explore. For example, you could start doing online coaching or start a YouTube channel. There are many ways to monetize what you love and create an amazing life for yourself.


Starting a Shopify business can be a lucrative and rewarding experience, but it is not for everyone. It is important to weigh the pros and cons and determine if it aligns with your strengths and interests. Remember, there are many other online business opportunities out there, so don't be afraid to explore your options.


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