Market Insight Launched!

Market Insight Launched!

October 31, 2023
Author: Sunny

Research category market trends, gain insights in as little as 1 minute


Regular manual maintenance of the category ranking monitoring document, manually labeling and categorizing all products based on their attributes and parameters; Summarizing the changing trends and entry points of product categories, in preparation for research on replenishment, product development, and operations.


Shulex automatically monitors market changes in products on a weekly basis, intelligently analyzes the basic attributes of categories, and combines sales volume and revenue to summarize the market trends over the past two years. It quickly perceives market and category development directions.


Create Market Insight Through Dashboard

To enter the sub-market insight section from the left navigation bar, there are currently three modes to create monitoring reports:

1. Search results page: Enter any search term, brand, or category name, and the system will automatically capture all products on the Amazon search results page. Select the batch target products for monitoring based on monitoring needs.

2. BSR list: Copy any BSR list link and quickly monitor the list content according to the selected number of products.

3. Upload ASIN collection: Upload a custom target product list and monitor it with one click based on a specific product collection.

Create Market Insight Through Extension

On any BSR page or search results page, click on the "Sub-Market Insights" entry next to the page title, select the products that need to be monitored, and you can start monitoring the products with one click.


Market Analysis

Understand the basic information of the products in the current report.

Sales Trends:From the perspective of brand share and market share, analyze the overall sales situation of the current market.

Brand Comparison:Summarize the brand information of the products in the current report and examine the performance of different brands in the market.

Hot-Selling Ranking:Continuously monitor the monthly sales volume of each product, with a focus on tracking products that show significant growth in monthly sales. This will help quickly identify market entry points.

Product Analysis

Attribute Ratio:Analyze the market distribution of the selected attribute content to help clarify the direction of product selection and segmentation.

Sales Trend by Attribute:Continuously track the sales trends of all parameters under the attribute and promptly perceive the direction of market changes.

Product Details

Provide a comprehensive overview of all products (including their variants) and corresponding attribute details within the current market segmentation insights report.

Custom Attributes(For Team or Higher Plan)

Ask Smhulex AI product attribute questions at any time based on different analysis needs, and receive popular trend insights in just one minute.

  • Tip: Detailed and clear attribute definitions and result values can effectively improve the accuracy of product attribute recognition. If you are not satisfied with the results of custom attributes, the system supports data correction at any time.
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