Maximize Your Amazon Sales with Upc Codes: A Comprehensive Guide

Maximize Your Amazon Sales with Upc Codes: A Comprehensive Guide

April 3, 2023
Author: Krystal

"Learn how to create an Amazon listing by obtaining a unique UPC or EAN barcode, which is required by Amazon. Get your barcodes from the official site and avoid reseller sites like Purchase single barcodes on for every size/variant of your product and use them to create your Amazon listing."

How to Get a UPC Barcode for Amazon FBA (2023 Tutorial)

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1. Before creating an Amazon listing, you need a UPC or EAN barcode.

2. These barcodes are unique identifiers for products sold in retail worldwide.

3. Amazon requires you to have a barcode before listing your product.

4. In the US and Canada, you need a Universal Product Code (UPC); in Europe, you need a European Article Number (EAN).

5. The official site for getting barcodes is; reseller sites like are cheaper but not recommended by Amazon.

6. You can get single barcodes on now instead of expensive bundles.

7. To get a barcode on, click "Get Your Barcodes" and select your location (US for UPC).

8. For every size/variant of your product, you'll need a separate barcode.

9. Type in your brand name and product description to purchase the barcode(s) on

10.Once purchased and confirmed, use the UPC/EAN code to create your Amazon listing

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