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How Anker used the VOC.AI to build a global smart experience center to increase brand value and premiums

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One of the largest 3rd party brand sellers on Amazon, with an average star rating of 4.2+ for star SKUs; a highly digitalized modern enterprise with annual revenue of over $14.2 billion in 2022 and 18 billion dollar product lines; operating in 100+ countries and regions with over 100 million global users.

Customer Status - Consumer-focused Global Intelligent Experience Center

The Customer Experience Development (CED) team is Anker's global consumer service center, consisting of a team of professionals supporting multiple markets, categories, channels, and languages. The team solves problems in product experience for customers through various service channels such as email, chat, phone, What's app, live broadcast, social media, independent websites, and apps, so that customers can experience professional and attentive service. At the same time, we support product planning and definition by exploring product needs, scenarios, and experiences in the voice of the user, assisting in the polishing of the product experience through internal testing and user testing, and promoting the continuous optimization and iteration of the company's products to safeguard the user experience and brand demographics.

Along with the company's growth, we have a sales network in more than 200 countries around the world, and a global user service center in China, Japan, the U.S., Germany, Canada, Germany, the U.K., and the Middle East with a team of more than 300 people. Consistent multi-channel customer experience, global consumer insights and services, and the use of AI to improve service efficiency by 90% and ensure brand reputation have become the core indicators and demands of the Global Intelligent Experience Center. VOC.AI's Global Intelligent Experience Solution provides Anker with a set product information database, user feedback database, and corporate knowledge base covering all categories, and through the training of proprietary large models and internal system integration. VOC.AI's global intelligent experience solution provides Anker with a set of product information databases covering all categories, a user feedback database, enterprise knowledge base, and through exclusive training of large models and internal system integration, a complete set of all-experience products have been put on line: all-touchpoint customer service work order workbench, all-link intelligent U-answer robot, and VOC panoramic product insight system.

All-in-One Customer Service Helpdesk - Speed up omnichannel service efficiency

Every year, 2 million customer service work orders, 300 customer service personnel, an average of 20 work orders per person per day. Processing a work order needs to complete a series of work such as information access, content marking, communication, after-sales warranty, logistics inquiries, financial invoices, information correlation, quality inspection research, etc., which takes more than 30 minutes. That is to say, even with the traditional work order system, customer service personnel also need to shuttle between the systems to solve customer problems, working 10 hours a day without rest. VOC.AI All-in-One Customer Service Workbench, with the design concept of the work layout, the breadth of integration of the global service contacts, and in-depth adaptation of customer service scenarios, so that 30-minute work order into a 5-minute solution to improve the efficiency of manual customer service tooling. The workstation is designed with the concept of workspace. At the breadth level, we have created a service terminal integration for Anker, realizing the information aggregation of email, chat, telephone, independent station, APP, social media, live broadcasting, and e-commerce platforms; at the depth level, we have utilized the customer panel, order panel, product panel, after-sales panel, label panel, logistics panel, APP panel, and collaborative panel to provide the customer service personnel with a full-scene workstation that doesn't need to jump out of the way. Workbench. In addition, sensitive word monitoring, SLA time limit configuration, satisfaction research, rating quality inspection, work order upgrade, and other functions to ensure the quality of service and brand reputation.

All-in-One Helpdesk is deeply customized with Anker services, supporting 270+ channels of information integration, global customer service and outsourcing multi-language online services, AI intelligent agent embedded, customer tools, order tools, product tools, tag tools, logistics tools, warranty tools, website tools, APP tools, invoicing tools, return and exchange tools, and technical work order reversal. A full range of tools.

Full steps Intelligent Smart - Answer Robot - Intelligent after-sales one shot to the end

Traditional AI robots can provide consumers with knowledgable advice through knowledge base keyword matching, but they can only meet the first round of auto-response needs and solve 10% or less of simple customer inquiries for real customer service work. If you need to maximize the ability of AI, you need to link up with the enterprise after-sales business process SOP through the exclusive model, so that AI can complete the first round of greetings, event troubleshooting, material collection, solutions, automatic after-sales and a series of other operations, so that AI can really realize the solution of 70% of customer service work. VOC.AI intelligent customer service will transform all Anker product documents, product details, and historical work orders into an exclusive knowledge base, and then conduct model training for different categories and scenarios, and dock with the internal system SOP. Ultimately, in the mail contact, chat contact, telephone contact, and live contact to realize the whole chain service robot closed loop, to solve 70% of the manual work.

Smart Label VOC Consumer Insights - Premium Products Reduce Returns by 46%

Whether it's new track selection or operation optimization, Anker insists on insights first, requiring market analysis and consumer analysis to find the supply and demand relationship in the market. Our VOC consumer insights platform has become an essential tool in their CI analysis. In the strategic insight stage every year, more than 100+ product managers will monitor more than 35,000 products through VOC.AI VOC and use the customized AI tagging function to find new people, new needs, and new usage scenarios. During the product operation cycle, the customer experience team will continuously produce VOC reports and annually produce 300+ consumer insight reports to the product team, operation team, and marketing team through the Shulex VOC tool to continuously improve product quality and operation quality. This move has also gained a great long-tail effect, with the 3-year average return rate dropping by 46%. Through Shulex VOC, manual insights are transformed into AI insights, and the previous manual work of marking 200 review insights a day is replaced by a minute of tens of thousands of intelligent markings.

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