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Amazon Listing Optimization Guide-Part 1

Amazon Listing Optimization Guide-Part 1

December 27, 2022
Author: GuoJie

Before launching a new product or a promotion on Amazon, it is essential to optimize the listing page. From trendy keywords to attractive product introductions, every step is critical. They help to gain organic traffic and boost conversion rates. This article will introduce in detail the techniques of listing page optimization.

1 | Why do we need to optimize the listing page?

2 | Title optimization tips for Amazon

3 | How to make product descriptions more attractive?

4 | Product introduction

5 | Listing optimization rules

6 | Product image optimization

7 | Listing optimization case study

  1. Why do we need to optimize the listing page?

A listing is the introduction page of each product sold on Amazon. Each product corresponds to a listing page, which provides buyers with product information including titles, pictures, descriptions, prices, etc. It is the best way to help consumers learn about the products, but we need to attract them to click first. Therefore, listing optimization can indirectly improve the search ranking, increase exposure, and thus increase the conversion rate. These are some fundamental reasons we do listing optimization.

Value of listing page optimization:

a) To increase organic traffic and click-through rate

As we all know, excellent listings will be more easily displayed under search. With Amazon’s A10 algorithm, it is even more crucial to optimize the listing title, but the key is to pick useful keywords among many keywords.

b) To improve the conversion rate of products

When consumers click the product details, they will take about 8 seconds to scan all the content. So, how to quickly attract them in this short period? Be sure to precisely position your product in a profit-driven way and tell consumers that this is the product that can solve their needs.

c) To realize brand growth

As long as your listing page is continuously optimized by scientific methods and your product inventory is sufficient, product growth will be achieved eventually.

More traffic = more clicks = more sales = higher ranking

Whether it’s increasing conversions or increasing sales, these strategic actions can be achieved through the power of words as the formula rolls around. Therefore, we must pay attention to the listing page optimization.

  1. Title Optimization Tips for Amazon  

Think about one question before you start optimizing: What value can consumers get from the product title?

The title is the first thing they see when they browse the product, and this first impression will stick. Let's think about another question, what do you think of these titles: "the strongest in history ... ", and "the world's first ...". These are undoubtedly exaggerated marketing words, and they are not the best.

a) What kind of titles are useful?

The length of the title is very important. Better control it within 200 bytes. In these 200 bytes, you must first show your brand name, and accurately define your product (for example: magnetic power bank, magnetic mobile phone case ...), and then mark the size/specification of the product (For example: 5000mAh magnetic power bank, iPhone 14 pro magnetic phone case ...) Some information can be filled with keywords. Remember not to flood the introduction with keywords, although they’re relevant to searches, well-designed headlines and product descriptions will be more attractive to consumers and can effectively increase conversion rates.

b) What kind of titles are not compliant?

  • Use promotional information such as "Free Shipping" or "100% Quality Guarantee"
  • Contain special characters, such as  : ~ ! * $ ? _ ~ { } # < > | * ; ^ ¬ )

  1. How to make product descriptions more attractive?

The product description is the key feature of the product sold by the seller, that is, the selling point of the product, which can attract buyers at a glance and make them further browse and understand the seller's products. Product descriptions can include the following points:

a) Product: What is the product specifically? Add keywords

b) Size

c) Function

d) Features and advantages

e) Shipping time

f) Usage. For example, it can be used as a gift for a holiday.

The key points of the product should include product features and the value of the product:

a) The product features are to tell consumers what the product is, for example: this charger uses gallium nitride technology.

b) The value of the product is related to the major concerns of consumers. It can tell consumers what benefits they will have when buying this product. For example, the 8-level waterproof Bluetooth earphones can make you immersed in music when you shower.

Moreover, structure the product features and product value you have outlined into five points. Make it easier for the target audience to digest, understand, and grab the key points in 8 seconds.

So, what should you pay attention to when writing product descriptions?

a) Profit-oriented content

Summarize the selling points you want to highlight; combine your product nature and brand name and choose an attractive title to start with; you can use emoticons in the product introduction, but the content of the summary needs to be clear.

b) Control its Length

The length of each selling point is controlled at 200 bytes, and the total length should not exceed 1000 bytes. Too many words will affect the inclusion of core keywords by the algorithm, and will not be beneficial to listing optimization.

c) Suggestion for the fifth benefit

In the fifth point, you can send a signal of "trust and buy" to consumers. For example: our products are very... because they have the ability to ... We offer a 30 -day warranty for your purchasing problems.

d) Consistency

Product descriptions can’t be arranged by weightage only, but need to consider the coherence so that each point flows seamlessly into the next instead of looking like a list of benefits. It is also easier to understand for consumers and can convince them to buy.

e) Distinguish product features and product value

Usually, product characteristics will be placed in front of the product value. For example, "PVC material" is a feature, and "Durable" is a value, but no one will directly choose to buy “PVC material”. The message must be conveyed to consumers: this material is stronger and more durable.

Keywords of product listings can easily be analyzed by using Shulex VOC. More details will be elaborated in the next article. Stay tuned!
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