How Amazon Seller Use ChatGPT Tool

How Amazon Seller Use ChatGPT Tool

March 8, 2023
Author: Krystal


This article shows how to use ChatGPT to help your own business from the perspective of an Amazon seller. what needs to be done to prepare, what needs to be done, and what does not need to be done. Even, for different positions, what things can be done with the Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool .

Preparation for Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool

  • No need to prepare data for Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool
  • Goal must be set for Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool
  • Question List be set for Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool

ChatGPT does not require us to prepare data, but we need to have clear objectives and an accurate list of questions. Because as an intelligent AI tool, we can only come up with the best answers if our questions are clearer and through iterative training. We need to understand that ChatGPT works by having a pre-trained answer model for many questions in a huge amount of data. The conclusions of this model are not 100% accurate, and we need to communicate and guide and leave more training time for ChatGPT to find the direction and get the answers. In addition, it is important to set goals, because whether we need him to help us perform market research or consumer research, he will give completely different answers.

Should do

  • Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool Integrate with Current Workflow
  • Many Times of Practice to Get the Best Answer

Training, which is the standard process for AI, is not something we can do overnight. Also, we recommend adding ChatGPT to our existing process, rather than adding a new process. Because the complete operation process cannot be done all by machine, on the other hand, there is no need to modify our own methodology for ChatGPT. As an example, if we have a fixed process for product rresearch. We need to provide clear category sales volume and trends through data analysis tools, and what ChatGPT can do is to provide omnichannel sales reference, market research reports to expand our data, rather than replace it completely.

Should not do

  • ChatGPT is A Suggestion Not A Conclusion
  • Don't confuse purpose with confusing questions

ChatGPT is certainly a great tool for brainstorming for a variety of purposes. Whether it's writing a letter to your loved ones or creating content for your business, the tool is capable of doing almost anything.

But you need to keep one thing in mind, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is structured to provide human-like solutions to individual queries, and it is likely to provide a few columns of advice rather than a definitive answer. It can be a great tool to start from scratch when it comes to Amazon business, but it does not provide data points or sales information about Amazon products. Therefore, if you want to get product ideas from ChatGPT, reconsider your decision as there is no guarantee of success for that product.

Applications of Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool

Product Manager use Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool

  • Analysis review and competitor

For Amazon sellers, it is very important to select categories and items. We usually say that MI and CI are essential tools for product research. In addition to looking at market volume, market growth rate, and market share to select categories. We also need to study the competition and consumer demand to determine whether we still have a chance to succeed. Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool can be very helpful for us to conduct MI and CI research. His principle is to tell us clearly the level of consumer satisfaction with the product through intelligent analysis of competitor reviews and even accurately summarize the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. The operation steps are also very simple.

First, select the Top 20-50 products from the best seller as the competitor list. For complex categories, we can even filter them twice if we have already defined the specific specifications of the product. For example, in TVs, we choose 40-49 inches; chargers choose more than 4 ports. In this step, we can directly ask Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool or filter from our own product library

Next, directly open the Amazon listing, Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool of Google browser extension will in a few seconds instantly display the advantages and disadvantages of the results. If you need to track and monitor your competitors over time, we can use the web-based Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool to create a product monitoring collection.

  • Get new product idea

Similarly, for the creation of new products, we can also use the Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool . First, innovative products are built on the potential needs of consumers, we can meet the new needs of consumers through micro-innovation iterations of existing products, and of course, we can create new product for potential needs. Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool for mining new products is the most important help to identify the use of consumer scenarios and consumption scenarios, and then intuitively tell you what consumers want.

On the one hand, the Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool can tell you what consumers are looking for across the Internet, Amazon, Google, and other platforms through the collection and aggregation of search data, and what keywords are trending towards a growing trend. After getting this information, we can match current products, find new suppliers, and even quickly adjust products under development to meet future consumer demand.

On the other hand, the Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool allows for a deeper analysis of consumer usage scenarios. Through the analysis of reviews, social media, and own media, a very large number of potential scenarios can be aggregated. For example, outdoor enthusiasts may buy smaller TVs to put in their RVs, and they feel that the brand sellers are now developing larger TVs and also need smaller TVs that can be optimized, at least for network and signal connections. Another example is that every year during the holiday season, home decorative lamps and lanterns are wasteful, and consumers need modular lamps and lanterns that can be combined to match freely and without causing waste.

Sales use Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool

  • Create new product listing or Optimize current listing

Usually, our listings are summarized and written through the analysis of the competition after the product selling points are confirmed. This approach can be a good description of the functions and features of our products and can take into account the consumer's search keywords, but the lack of consumer readability. This is because, with technical text, it is difficult for consumers to read and understand what the technology brings to the product. On the other hand, similar copy and keywords also make our product descriptions undifferentiated, and it is difficult for consumers to make purchase decisions by comparison. The Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool adds a dimension of consumer awareness in addition to editing listings from selling points and keywords. The Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool has the following benefits: 1) the listings are sorted by purchase motivation, increase customer purchase conversion 2) using the language of the consumer, the consumer empathy and easy to understand; 3) for different products selling points, keywords and feedback to summarize, each listing is unique and different.

  • Monitor buy box

If we use the Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool in combination with other automation applications, we can create a very powerful monitoring tool. First, we constantly ask Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool if there are any products similar to ours that can take our Amazon listing buy box at a lower price. this is a basic buy box monitoring principle. Second, we can use some RPA tools combined with Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool . Realize that if a competitor is found to maliciously seize our listings, we will be notified by email or SMS. A monitoring tool from monitoring to alert is completed.

Even, when we find a competitor maliciously occupying our listing buy box, we can let the Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool help us to send a professional and legally effective email to alert the competitor and Amazon. In this way, the combination of ChatGPT and RPA can help us automate a complete process.

Marketer use Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool

  • Brianstorm your brand

Private label is one of the future trends on Amazon. The Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool can help us collect all the brand information, including all the brands on Amazon, the items sold, the key point of the items, and even the brand keywords. Secondly, we can have a brainstorming discussion session with the Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool . We ask him how many brands are now focused on the "quality" keyword, how many brands are focused on the "compatible" keyword, and how many brands are focused on the "Powerful" keyword. We can ask what are the common characteristics of the Top 20 products. We could even ask, "Is there a similar competitor to our brand that focuses on "safety"? After some of this brainstorming, we can rearrange the keywords for our brand.

Then, this is just a small part of what the Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool can help us with. He can also help us make a responsible round of comparisons. Compare the brand keywords communicated by competitor brands with consumer feedback to see if consumers are getting the information accurately. Compare the brand keywords conveyed by the competitor with the product listing to see if the product description meets the brand requirements.

Finally, we can have the Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool aggregate the marketplace competitor profile, our brand keywords, our product features, and customer feedback to give us a brand name, provide a set of brand keywords, and write a brand description.

  • Create copy of social content, email, ads

For marketing, our two most common cases are copywriting and resources. For example, we can let ChatGPT tool for Amazon help us write the title of an event, advertising copy or brief. And it is required that ChatGPT tool for Amazon must contain certain keywords. For example, can you help our razor think of a Christmas campaign copy? Safety and comfort must be emphasized, and it is the best choice for holiday gifts.

  • Search traffic of influencers

ChatGPT tool for Amazon can replace the search tool to help us find the best traffic resources. For example, when we accumulate more amazon reviews for new products, we tend to invite many influencers to help us do reviews in advance. The current social tool can list the data of influencers in all the own media, but there is no way to help us choose the right one for our product. ChatGPT tool for Amazon can do that, he can combine the product category, competitors' historical marketing activities and influencers data to select the best choice for us. For example, can you help me list the top 10 family influencers on Instagram?

Customer Service use Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool

  • AI FAQ response / AI Ticket Response / AI Chatbot

The essence of ChatGPT is an intelligent chatbot, so he can serve as our intelligent customer service. For Amazon, the two most scenarios for customer service are email response and FAQ response. In addition to the Amazon seller ChatGPT tool, there is also an intelligent work ticket help desk system that can help to do this job. After verification and testing, the response rate can be as high as 85% and the accuracy rate as high as 90%.

For omnichannel sellers, especially DTC sellers, there is also the LiveChat customer service scenario. chatGPT tools can channel the original conditional reply bots and ordinary AI reply bots to achieve good product recommendation, problem self-test, and after-sales handling process. Reduce labor costs for customer service teams.


What is ChatGPT?

We usually define ChatGPT as an intelligent chatbot. Launched in November 2022, it is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3 family of large language models and fine-tuned using supervised and reinforcement learning techniques (a method of transfer learning). By this definition, ChatGPT is simply a chat tool, or "The Book of Answers". But human imagination is infinite, and ChatGPT's knowledge base is infinite. When the two are combined, ChatGPT is more than a chatbot, it will become the intelligent virtual brain of future businesses. Take Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool as an example, our operation logic is ChatGPT's AI judgment + years of experience on Amazon operation + ready-to-use google extension tool.

How ChatGPT Work?

ChatGPT works by leveraging the power of the GPT-3 algorithm to generate human-like responses to customer queries. First, it takes the user’s input and uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the query. Then, it uses the GPT-3 algorithm to generate an appropriate response. Finally, it returns the response to the user. This process is automated and happens in real-time, making it incredibly fast and efficient.

If amazon seller use ChatGPT to ask him how he works, he will give an incomprehensible text. Transformer neural network, multi-head self-attention mechanism, feed-forward neural network, these are difficult for non-AI professionals to understand. And all we need to know is that ChatGPT, like all AI, needs training. It's just that ChatGPT's training method is more scientific. After a set of preset training databases, it will train the answers more and more accurately through communication with people.

And Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool , all we need to understand is: we use ChatGPT's ability to take amazon's product data, sales data, and amazon review data and analyze it intelligently. Then, we use the operational methodology of Top Amazon sellers to translate the analysis results into actionable guidance. And as an Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool , our goal is to allow Amazon sellers no need to train AI models, not pay AI fees, and use free and accurate tools to replace manual labor.

What is Amazon Seller ChatGPT Tool?

Step 1: Install ChatGPT Tool for Amazon

Step 2: Open Amazon and Use ChatGPT Tool for Amazon

Step 3: Product and Consumer Research

Step 4: Amazon Listing Optimization

Step 5: Enjoy full version of ChatGPT Tool for Amazon

Free Try: ChatGPT tool for Amazon [CTA]

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