Amazon Third-Party Seller Rankings Top 100 (2024)

Amazon Third-Party Seller Rankings Top 100 (2024)

February 13, 2024
Author: Jessica

There is fierce competition in the e-commerce industry, particularly if you sell on a major platform like Amazon. The demand for online shopping is rising along with the competition on Which 100 third-party sellers are making up the majority of the market share?

We'll analyze the whole roster of Amazon's top 100 third-party sellers. We'll also take a look at their nationalities, including the percentage of American and Chinese sellers.

In this article you will learn:

  1. The 30-day feedback of the top 100 Amazon third-party sellers
  2. Techniques and Data Collection Procedures

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The 30-day feedback of the top 100 Amazon third-party sellers

The top 100 third-party sellers on are listed below, ranked by the quantity of favorable reviews they received in the final 30 days of the previous month. The table can also be sorted by lifetime, 12-month, and 90-day feedback.


Third-Party Sellers Organized by Registration Country (Total). According to nation, these are the top third-party sellers on

The distribution of third-party sellers according to their registration country is shown in this chart. The US makes up the majority (67.3%), followed by China (27.6%) and Hong Kong (2.2%).

Techniques and Data Collection Procedures

Every month, usually during the second week, data is gathered. The data is derived from a blend of publicly available information from Amazon, Brand Analytics, and historical selling data. Customer reviews are displayed as feedback from customers who have bought their products.

Only vendors who have received at least 100 thirty-day reviews and 100 lifetime reviews are taken into account. The information about the merchant's country of registration is taken from their Amazon profile. The items listed under "Sold By Amazon" are not included in the dataset.

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