Conduct an Amazon Competitor Analysis

Conduct an Amazon Competitor Analysis

February 3, 2023
Author: GuoJie

How to find competitors on Amazon?

Amazon Competitor Analysis | Before you can begin breaking down how your competitors are amplifying their deals on Amazon, you want to sort out who those competitors are. Follow the means underneath to distinguish your Amazon competition:

  • Identify the keywords your competitors rank for.
  • Audit your competitors’ listings.
  • Monitor competitor pricing.
  • Track your competitor’s monthly sales.
  • Explore how your competition markets its products.

Advantages of performing Amazon competitor analysis:

Competitor research can be an arduous journey - it may beg the question if all that effort is truly worth it in the end. However, knowledge about your competition's market strategies and strengths offers invaluable insights to fuel success for any business venture.

The response is yes! Investigating your Amazon competition can have numerous critical advantages, as it permits you to:

  • Guarantee that your costs are cutthroat
  • Get thoughts on how you can make your items stand apart from the competition
  • Comprehend how your postings are performing contrasted with your competitors
  • Pick which items to sell
  • Find and fill holes on the lookout

Analyze contending sellers on Amazon:

Careful research of your competition is essential for successful business operations. Take the time to thoroughly analyze their strengths and weaknesses so that you can stay ahead in the game.There are various things you ought to explicitly focus on:

Product Title:

Utilize your inspection and analyzing skills to enhance the titles of items being sold by other vendors. Observe how they use keywords in their title descriptions - could any be added or removed? See what potential improvements can be made!

Product Images:

High-quality images are essential for an effective Amazon posting, as they give customers the best possible representation of your product. Carefully analyze photographs from competitor's postings to regularly improve upon and standout from them – think outside the box! With great imagery, you can captivate potential buyers and elevate your listing in no time.

Product Description:

Crafting a product description that stands out from the rest requires careful consideration, such as which information should be excluded and what tone is most effective. Examining multiple descriptions can help you develop an eye for detail to create one of your own!

Questions and Answers:

Make the most of item postings to glean valuable information about what buyers are looking for and inquiring about. Utilize this data to optimize titles, listings, as well as descriptions - it could be vital in differentiating your offering from that of competitors! Check out how other sellers respond consumer questions too; you may discover some helpful strategies.


Cost generally assumes a colossal part in a purchaser’s dynamic cycle. In a perfect world, you need to sell your item at a somewhat lower cost than your rivals. What’s more, in the event that the item’s quality is somewhat better compared to your rivals’ items, its cost ought to be something similar or marginally higher. Remember that you really want to keep a sufficiently high cost to guarantee that you can create a gain and not lose cash on your business.

It’s likewise really smart to take a gander at the cost history, as most sellers use repricing programming to change the cost of their items.

Monthly Sales:

Some Amazon investigation programming permits you to perceive the number of sales your rivals that are making every month. This data can assist you with understanding in the event that there’s a lot of interest for an item you’re anticipating selling and how much cash your rivals can create concerning gain every month.

Customer Reviews:

Amazon item reviews can give you a stash of data about your rivals. Give additional consideration to negative reviews, as they will show you definitively how you really want to overtake your opposition. Simply make a note of the relative multitude of things commentators could have done without about a contending item and utilize this data to further develop the item you’re advertising.

How to Conduct an Amazon

Like any eCommerce platform, Amazon has an itemized code of conduct and various policies that sellers should maintain. Neglecting to follow this code of conduct, or abusing these policies can prompt record suspension.

You’re presumably acquainted with a portion of the fundamental ways sellers have their records suspended. These are violations like selling risky items, realness issues or objections, and protected innovation encroachment. In any case, there are a couple of different things you really want to keep an eye out for:

Getting your account hacked:

Sellers put a ton of exertion into client care, item improvement, and convenient delivery. Be that as it may, assuming a programmer gets into your record, you can hope to be suspended.

Presently, Amazon is utilizing Two-Step Verification. This intends that after you enter your secret word, you’ll likewise have to enter a remarkable security code.

Your Amazon record can be recovered from a data hack if you demonstrate to the Merchant Execution group that proper measures have been enacted for prevention. This could include updating your antivirus software, securing routing protocol for wifi and rotating logins with new passwords. All these steps are essential in avoiding future breaches of security.

Unintentionally violating policies and code of conduct:

It’s normal for Amazon sellers to have their records suspended without knowing why. A portion of the standards you should observe as a seller include:

  • Keeping up with a similar record (regardless of whether you never again have selling honors)
  • Keeping up with exact and current record information
  • Honoring your obligation to sell an item
  • Never distorting yourself
  • Acting in a reliable way
  • Never posting items that could hurt
  • Acting decently (for example not ‘gaming’ any piece of the experience)
  • Never endeavoring to control Amazon’s business rankings or results
  • Never endeavoring to harm another seller’s appraisals or postings.

In the event that your record is suspended because of a strategy or code of conduct violation, you can present an allure. In the event that you don’t know why it was suspended, you’ll have to painstakingly go through every one of the policies to search for any issues. Then, at that point, demonstrate to Amazon that these issues have been remedied and that you will keep them from reoccurring.

Amazon will need to see that you’ve been instructed about what is and isn’t satisfactory and that you’ve made moves to keep up with consistency with its code of conduct.

With Amazon as one of the largest and most popular global marketplaces, there has never been a better time to become an Amazon seller. If you're considering taking your business online or are looking for new ways to expand it, exploring the selling policies and code of conduct is key. With Shulex Voc, you can benefit from data mining customer reviews to discover your competitors' most popular selling points and gain a deeper understanding of the market. Get in touch with us today to discover how you can make your products available on this leading marketplace!

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