Full Guide to Amazon Audience Research: Why Doing it and Best Tools

Full Guide to Amazon Audience Research: Why Doing it and Best Tools

March 22, 2023
Author: Krystal

Amazon is arguably the largest online marketplace worldwide, with a vast customer base across different demographics. This means that audience research is critical if you're a digital marketer on Amazon. Businesses must understand their target audience and create effective marketing strategies to be successful.

In other words, this technique will help your business make data-driven decisions that spur growth and revenue. So, in this guidepost, we'll discuss why customer research is essential to your company and some top-rated audience research tools in 2023.

Part 1. What is Audience Research?

Audience research for Amazon is exactly what the name says it is. This is studying your potential market or customers to determine their behaviors. By this, you can research their purchase history, search questions, and product reviews on the platform. This information provides digital marketers with valuable insights into customer needs. This includes things like price points, branding, customer services, and more. In short, businesses can use audience research to develop targeted and aggressive advertising campaigns and optimize their product offerings.

Part 2: Why Audience Research is Important to Amazon Sellers?

Amazon is a highly competitive platform with more than 6 million sellers. Of this number, 1.5 million are highly active, looking to close deals with more than 300 million customers. So, what do these numbers portray? By conducting audience research, Amazon sellers can better understand their target audience and tailor their products and services to meet their customers' needs.

Having said all that, one of the most significant benefits of audience research is to allow sellers to identify customers' preferences. Amazon sellers can determine customers' likes and dislikes by analyzing purchase histories, search queries, reviews, and product comparisons. Audience research can also help sellers know their potential customers' expectations for the products they purchase. This information is vital for improving product offerings and descriptions.

In addition, Amazon audience research can help sellers develop targeted advertising campaigns. As you may already know, an effective marketing campaign must be tailored to reach the ideal customers. By understanding customer behavior and preferences, digital marketers can create strategies that resonate with their target audience and drive more sales traffic to their products.

All said, conducting Amazon audience research is one way to help you succeed in the highly competitive marketplace. Amazon sellers will gain a deeper understanding of their potential target audience, and make data-driven business decisions, thus leading to brand growth, increased revenue, and customer loyalty.

Part 3. Best Tools for Conducting Amazon Audience Research in 2023

So, without any further ado, let's list and discuss some highly effective audience research tools for Amazon in 2023:

  1. Shulex VOC

Alt: shulex voc audience research tool

Shulex VOC understands that conducting a competitive analysis on Amazon is an effective strategy to help digital marketers gain a competitive edge. This professional-grade tool provides a comprehensive and competitive analysis of Amazon data. It compares ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) for each product or BSR (Best Sellers Rank). BSR is simply a number awarded to each product on Amazon once it has closed a sale.

Below is how to get a competitive analysis of Amazon products on Shulex VOC:

Step 1: Add Shulex VOC extension to your browser and click on a specific Amazon product.

Step 2. Next, scroll down the page to see the competitive analysis with recommended comparison products. You can directly click on the comparison combination to analyze.

Step 3. Tap the "plus" sign to open the detailed comparison report page and add any product you want to compare.


  • Easy to compare and analyze products.
  • Add your own products for detailed analysis and comparison.
  • Compare products based on data like customer experience and motivation.
  • Integrated with ChatGPT which can double your listing and efficiency and review checking.


  • Only for Amazon now.

2. Amazon Seller Central

Alt: amazon seller central audience research tool

Amazon Seller Central is a powerful tool for gaining valuable insights into sales performances and customer behaviors on Amazon. This data analytics tool is part of the services offered by Amazon Advertising, designed to help digital markets optimize their advertising campaigns and drive more sales. It can track key metrics like sales trends, conversion rates, and click-through rates. Amazon Insights can also provide detailed insights into customer behaviors like Amazon search queries and buying history. What's more, you'll get competitive benchmarking data, allowing you to compare your products against similar products in their category.

Follow these steps to get a detailed product comparison with Amazon Insights:

Step 1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central account to view the available tools.

Step 2. Choose a tool that you want to use. For example, we'll click the "Brand Analytics" tab. This tool will help you compare the top three most purchased items in the same category as your item.

Step 3. After comparing, take the necessary action based on what your successful competitors are doing. For instance, if top-selling smartphones are sold with a screen protector, you can add the same to your product directly on Amazon Seller Central.


  • Excellent collection of comprehensive data and analytics.
  • Compare your products against similar products on Amazon.
  • Intuitive user interface that's perfect for all skill levels.


  • Non-customizable reports and data.
  • Amazon Advertising suite requires paid subscription.

3. Helium 10

Alt: helium 10 audience research tool

Helium 10 allows digital markets on Amazon to search for products using various filters, such as category, price range, estimated monthly sales, and more. With the Helium 10 "Black Box," you'll identify potentially lucrative product niches that sellers can exploit. Black Box provides data on product demand, competition, and profitability to help sellers make informed decisions. Let's just say this finely-tuned product research tool eliminates hours you would have spent researching and comparing Amazon products.

How to compare Amazon products using Helium 10's Black Box:

Step 1. Log into your Helium 10 account and tap the Black Box tab on the left pane.

Step 2. So, in this step, we'll search for products that match a specific keyword. In that case, tap the Keyword tab, then enter the minimum search volume, monthly revenue, price, and review count.

Step 3. Tap "Search" to see all the products on Amazon that match that keyword. Scroll through the suggestions and find what's interesting for your business.


  • Vast amounts of data on Amazon products.
  • Comprehensive and innovative Black Box tool.
  • Analyze Amazon reviews to identify keywords.


  • Pricing plans can be expensive for a startup.
  • It's an Amazon-centric audience research tool.

4. Freetext.ai

Freetext.ai is another comprehensive Amazon analytics tool that helps sellers gain insights into their sales data and make market-driven decisions. As its name hints, Fretext.ai is an AI-powered tool which uses machine learning algorithms to analyze Amazon data and provide actionable insights. It offers a variety of features for Amazon sellers to exploit, including their sales data, by providing metrics like revenue, profit, and sales volume. In addition, you'll get detailed competitor analysis for tracking competitor trends and gaining insights into their sales performance.

How to get Amazon product comparison on Freetext.ai:

Step 1. Create an account on this online audience research tool. Creating an account is free.

Step 2. After that, connect your Amazon Data source, and the product will use AI to fetch and analyze the requested data.


  • Comprehensive sales and competitor data analysis.
  • Uses AI/ML to extract vital Amazon data in seconds.
  • Analyzes all texts for detailed insights and patterns.


  • Setting up requires technical assistance.
  • Customer service is only limited to emails.
  1. Review Monitoring Review Checker

Alt: reviewmonitoring audience research tool

Lastly, Amazon sellers looking to monitor and manage product reviews to improve sales conversions can consider Reviewmonitoring.com. This online tool can help sellers stay competitive by monitoring customer feedback and making data-backed decisions. Reviewmonitoring.com analyzes reviews and provides sellers with valuable insights into customer sentiment, product performance, and potential areas for improvement. In addition to monitoring Amazon reviews, this tool allows sellers to track any changes in their product ratings and customer sentiment over time. This can help marketers identify trends and patterns in customer feedback. Amazon sellers can even receive alerts when a new product review is posted.

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Sign up for your Reviewmonitoring.com account and then connect your review sites like Amazon, Facebook, and eBay.

Step 2. Once the accounts are linked, Reviewmonitoring.com will start tracking Amazon reviews automatically. You'll get a dashboard that streams all your product reviews in a single place.

Step 3. Filter the reviews by date, rating, brand, and even retail sites.


  • Comprehensive competitor analysis tool.
  • Analyze Amazon reviews and receive instant review alerts.
  • Respond to customer reviews directly from the program.


  • It only supports English language reviews.
  • Lacks customization options like creating custom reports.

Part 4. FAQ

How do I conduct audience research?

To conduct audience research on Amazon, one must identify their audience's needs and preferences. To do that, define your target audience, then use some of the tools above to extract customer data like buying habits, reviews, and search queries. It's also important to note what reviewers say about your Amazon products and how directly competing products are fairing. Of course, there are many other detailed steps, but these two are the basic options to start your journey of conducting audience research on Amazon.

All in all, conducting audience research on Amazon is crucial for sellers looking to succeed on the competitive platform. By understanding the target audience's needs, preferences, and behavior, sellers can optimize their product listings, improve their products, and drive more sales. Thankfully, many tools can help you conduct effective audience research, like the ones reviewed in this article. Happy hunting!

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