How can Amazon sellers get maximum support from the platform during Prime Day in 2023?

How can Amazon sellers get maximum support from the platform during Prime Day in 2023?

June 29, 2023
Author: Krystal

During PrimeDay, Amazon provided exclusive traffic portals, coupon fee reductions and other support for sellers who have registered their own brands to help them sell their goods better.

For sellers who have registered their own brands on Amazon, the platform has launched two models - Accelerator Model and Authorized Brand Model. Accelerator mode is suitable for sellers who have mature products and experience in Amazon operations and are looking for a breakthrough, which helps the long-term development of self-owned brands. Authorized brand model is the platform will be the official brand of Amazon authorized to sellers, which is conducive to sellers to obtain the trust of consumers and quickly improve sales. New sellers can choose according to their own situation, the authorized brand model project costs 10%, slightly higher than the gas pedal model of 7%, the online time is also longer than the latter.

It is worth noting that for sellers who have chosen the accelerator model, Amazon also issues a coupon fee reduction of 50% of the rights and interests, the number of times and the length of use is unlimited. In addition to the Prime Day period, sellers also need to issue coupons before and after the promotion to achieve the purpose of preheating and steady flow.

What traffic support is generally available for sellers who have registered their own Amazon brand?

The Our Brands program enjoys the "Top Rated From Our Brands" and "Featured From Our Brands" portals on both Amazon's PC and mobile. " (Featured From Our Brands). These two spots will be displayed before the "Sponsored" ads and will not be labeled "Sponsored products" or "Sponsored brands". brands", which greatly enhances buyers' trust in the content.

Top Rated From Our Brands Traffic Portal Diagram

In addition, Amazon also provides "Similar items to consider" advertising space for private brands. This ad spot is a precise placement of related traffic, which helps to drive traffic from similar products and increase the conversion rate of products.

"Similar items to consider" is located at the bottom right of the similar products detail page, before the sponsored ads.

what exclusive traffic does Amazon provide for sellers who have registered their own brands during Prime Day?

During Prime Day, Amazon will add a separate "Amazon Brands" for Amazon's own brands in the navigation bar of the event page, and stores that have chosen the authorized brand model will have additional off-site traffic (including overseas social media, search results off-site traffic and offline activities). If sellers want to occupy premium advertising space and get free traffic from the platform, they need to optimize their keywords two months in advance and ensure the health of their accounts and report as many Deals as possible.

During Prime Day, the "Amazon Brands" traffic portal will be added to the navigation bar similar to the image above, with the daily Deal activities in the red box.

1. Before the traffic peak, do a good job of keyword optimization

For sellers, peak season keywords can be searched for both onsite and offsite. By checking the marketing calendar on the home page of Shenandoah Marketing Institute or the official advertising calendar provided by Amazon (, sellers can find out the holidays of the target site during Prime Day. For example, July, when Prime Day is located, is the back-to-school season in North America, and there will be peak sales of stationery and electronics. With summer approaching, summer heat and vacations will become the focus of consumer shopping, and keywords such as "cool", "sun protection" and "outdoor" will skyrocket in popularity.

On-site, sellers can also look for keywords in product descriptions and consumer reviews of similar products, and can directly view rankings such as Amazon Best Sellers Rank and search rankings, while ad reports also provide a reference for sellers to target keywords. Off-site, sellers can use search engines, product ad copy on target sites and product review blogs/videos to more quickly understand local consumer preferences and target product selling points and matching styles.

When describing the product, sellers need to write the title from the consumer's perspective, highlighting the highlights of the product in use, rather than the manufacturing process, for which Amazon gives the following formula for sellers to check whether the title is qualified:

Brand name + core keywords (preferably 3-5) + (product features/attributes) + other (specifications/audience/scenario/compatibility, etc.)

For new sellers preparing for Prime Day, it is essential to improve product reputation with quality reviews. For sellers who are registered with Amazon Brands, Amazon offers Listing translation/embellishment services and Vine review tools (free to apply and only a commission is required to pay for the item upon success). Product reviews have become an important part of the shopping decision, and through these two tools, sellers can better collect consumer feedback and create awareness for new products.

By leveraging Shulex's tools and expertise, you can optimize the content of your listings and leverage the power of AI to produce user-friendly, user-friendly product descriptions that make your products stand out.

How to Shulex ChatGPT for Amazon?

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Step 3: Product and Consumer Research

Step 4: Amazon listing Optimization

Step 5: Enjoy full version of ChatGPT Tool for Amazon

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2. Ensure account health, as much as possible to report Amazon Deal

In the Amazon platform, Deal means limited time spike. There are three forms of Amazon's Deal - Lightning Deal, 7 Day Deal, and DOTD.

Lightning Deal is characterized by limited time, short time (usually a few hours) high traffic, sellers can adjust the seconds and the total number of promotional items, which is conducive to clearing the squeezed inventory.

7 Day Deal is also a kind of limited time promotion offer. The products participating in this kind of Deal will be displayed on the page for seven days, which is a cost-effective promotion tool. Almost all categories of non-restricted goods can participate, suitable for the sales of stable products to quickly impact sales, or the warm-up before the big promotion activities.

Deal of the Day/Spotlight Deal is a free promotional tool for participating products that feature a significant discount for a specified day. Compared with spike and 7-day promotion, the requirements for declaring Deal of the Day are the strictest and the traffic is the largest, and the declared products must be the hot products in the store. The products that are successfully declared as the Treasure of the Store will get the gold display space at the top of the Today's Deal page, and if the seller declares successfully as a store, the DOTD portal will display multiple products in the store.

According to Amazon's regulations, the same ASIN cannot participate in multiple promotions (Deal) at the same time, and some sites only have ASIN gold cart owners who are eligible to declare Deal.

The Prime Membership Day spike is reported on a weekly basis, so once sellers find their store's products are recommended, please report them immediately. Especially on the eve of PrimeDay, sellers need to report the recommended products as much as possible in order to protect the sales conversion during the promotion. According to the information announced by Amazon, the deadline for reporting Coupon is 6 hours before the start of Prime Day; the deadline for reporting Prime Exclusive Discount is 7 days before the start of Prime Day.

To ensure that sellers are able to participate in Amazon's Deal referrals, please ensure the following two things:

① The account is in a healthy state and is eligible to participate in Deal.

Sellers need to make sure the account's holiday mode is off. Sellers can check if the account is on holiday mode by going to Seller Platform > Settings > Account Information > Product Status. In addition, the offending account will lose the eligibility for Deal submission. Sellers can contact their Amazon account manager to confirm whether they are in the blacklist of seconds.

Please note: Removing the offending product ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) will not remove the offending record. For non-restricted products, the violation may be due to non-compliance with the product description, sellers need to submit supporting documents and action plans after taking down the product, and the appeal will be approved before the product can be re-listed. For non-compliant listings, sellers need to follow the instructions in the subsequent steps to resolve the non-compliance after the product is taken down.

②Sellers need to do a good job of product price control, clear product costs and profits, to avoid the situation of selling more and more losses after participating in the promotion.

Amazon has strict rules for the price of products participating in Deal, the current price of goods participating in Prime Day may not be higher than 20% off the lowest price in the past 30 days, the lowest transaction price before Prime Member Day this year. The past 30 days lowest price does not include Deal category or coupon promotion activity price, 30 days from the activities reported before the start of the run. Sellers can first set the minimum profit line of the product, in advance to understand the rules of various types of discounts, and finally reverse the daily price of goods and different strengths of the discount price, to avoid Prime Day sales price lower than their bottom price.

For new sellers, the same ASIN in the same time period, it is best to participate in only one promotional activities. During Prime Day, setting the coupon to Prime member orientation will achieve better results. For sellers who do not get Deal referrals or self-shipment sellers, mentioning coupons or Prime exclusive discounts and other promotional tools with lower thresholds can also participate in Prime Day successfully.

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