Use These 6 Templates to Respond Professionally to Bad Amazon Reviews

Use These 6 Templates to Respond Professionally to Bad Amazon Reviews

December 27, 2022
Author: GuoJie

Bad reviews are inevitable. Every Amazon seller has to face this not-so-pleasant part of growing their online business. Nobody likes reading bad things about products they’ve worked so hard on. But bad reviews can be a great source of knowledge and leverage for your store’s growth. It’s vital then to look closely into each bad Amazon review you’re getting.

What’s even more important is to learn how to respond well to them. Responding to bad reviews is like a test of your professionalism and the quality of your customer service. In this text, we’ll show you 6 templates you can use to formulate responses that will showcase how important customer experience is for your business.

How to respond to negative Amazon reviews?

There’s no place in your response to fight or pass the blame to customers. Treat every bad Amazon review you’re getting as an opportunity to show your customers a more human side of your brand. It’s a good time to let them know about temporary issues you’re facing and that you'll resolve them shortly.

Once again: you can’t avoid bad reviews 100% of the time. You’re human and a business owner — constant learning is a part of the process. What matters is HOW you’re going to respond to negative Amazon reviews.

There’s also great value in negative reviews. What exactly can you learn and how do study reviews effectively?

What can bad Amazon reviews teach you?

Using Amazon Review Analytics to monitor reviews can be a powerful way to get valuable insights about both your business and your competitors.

Review analysis and listening to the Voice of customers is the basis of well-performed product research. With Shulex Amazon Review Analytics, you can:

  • Monitor emerging market trends
  • Assess the performance of millions of products in seconds
  • Define your strengths and weaknesses — and how they compare to your competitors
  • Use an AI-powered system to understand customer sentiment about your product.

Build your next best-seller today with #1 Amazon Review Analytics.

After you’ve learned and grown your business — it’s time to finally respond to your customer and showcase the quality of your customer service. We’ve prepared for you a 5-step response process that will take the pressure off of it and help you always remain 100% professional:

The 5-step process of a good response to a bad Amazon review.

Step 1: Breath in — Breath out

Before responding to any bad review — make sure you’re not feeling overly frustrated and angry. While it’s a good practice to reply to a review within 24h, doing it when you’re mad will do you more harm than good.

Instead, take the time to get a better picture of the situation. Talk to your employees or stakeholders and try to find the lessons in the negative words of the customer.

Step 2: Thank the customer

If you want to show the real quality of your customer service — thank the customer for the provided feedback. At the end of the day, without these words, you wouldn’t know how to improve your business.

Step 3: Get a bigger picture

Not every review is just a displeased customer complaining about their experience. Sometimes, it’s an indication of a much bigger problem within the production process, customer service, lack of proper instruction, or even — the product itself.

Analyzing every review individually can be a challenge, though. Amazon Review Dataset consists of countless data entries. That’s why you should include Amazon Review Analytics in the process of feedback analysis. With the help of AI-powered algorithms, you can scrape all the reviews of your product and get the full picture of potential problems occurring.

Step 4: Reach out to customers offline

You might already know that offering customers compensation in exchange for a good review is strictly prohibited by Amazon. But no rules are preventing you from reaching out to an unsatisfied customer to get more feedback about the whole experience.

Since July 2022, all Amazon Brand Registry Sellers have got the option to contact customers who left a bad Amazon review. This new feature also allows you to offer refunds/reimbursements to negative reviewers.

Step 5: Apply the lessons learned

The worst thing you can do when responding to a bad Amazon review is to promise something you’re not planning to do at all. It ruins customers’ trust in your brand and makes you look like you don’t care.

That’s why you always have to take proper action when dealing with bad reviews from customers. It’s an opportunity to become even better at what you’re doing — and that’s more profit to your business.

6 templates to help you reply to negative Amazon reviews

Here are all the templates to help you come up with a proper response to any negative Amazon review:


We appreciate your thoughtful review, {Reviewer Name}. We will address your concerns with our staff and are glad you brought these issues to our attention. Thanks for being a loyal customer.

Hi {Reviewer Name}.

We're sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with our service. We'd love the opportunity to make things right. Let us contact you directly and we'll make it our top priority to help you.

Hi {Reviewer Name}

We are sorry to hear of your disappointment with your recent {order}. We value your opinion and will address the problem with our staff. Thank you for letting us know about the issue.

Dear {Reviewer Name}

Thank you for your feedback! I’m so sorry you had a frustrating experience with our service. Your review allows us to grow and make your experience better next time. We’re looking into the issue and will give you a heads-up as soon as it’s resolved.

Hey, {Reviewer Name}

I’m sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience with your purchase in our Amazon store. Our small team tries to keep the customer experience as good as possible, so we’ll be delighted to help you resolve the matter ASAP.

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback! It’s much appreciated.

Dear {Reviewer Name}

We understand your disappointment with the recent order and agree that this is unacceptable.

The experience of our customers is crucial to us. We’d like to resolve this issue immediately and decided to reach out to you in a private message.

We’d be delighted if you found time to check your email inbox.

- End -
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