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  • Browser sidebar, no ChatGPT account required
  • AI assistant enhances human efficiency
  • Support major global e-commerce websites
  • In-depth 10k customer reviews analysis in 10s
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The First ChatGPT/GPT4 Sidebar & Toolkits for Sellers

On-the-Go Accessibility

On-the-Go Accessibility

anytime, anywhere, without the need for a ChatGPT account
Powerful AI Assistant Sidebar

Powerful AI Assistant Sidebar

Free chat with ChatGPT is available on all major e-commerce websites
Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion

Analyze search terms to help quickly generate creative ideas
Product Development

Product Development

Market trends to help with targeted improvements and innovation
Extensive Collection of Prompts

Extensive Collection of Prompts

Pre-installed templates that comprehensively cover all scenarios
Review Analysis

Review Analysis

Deep-dive into consumers' real emotions
Universal E-commerce Platforms Support

Universal E-commerce Platforms Support

Shulex ChatGPT Seller Assistant is tailored to support all major global e-commerce websites. Get your questions answered, find similar products, translate content, and analyze products in just 10 seconds. Focus on what matters most and let our AI assistant handle the rest.
Comprehensive Assistance for Maximum Efficiency

Comprehensive Assistance for Maximum Efficiency

From product development, market research, and marketing campaigns to customer service, Shulex ChatGPT Seller Assistant streamlines your entire e-commerce process. Improve your efficiency, save time, and concentrate on your core business as our AI-powered assistant tackles the challenges of the digital marketplace.
By analyzing Amazon reviews, understanding customer needs and preference

Understanding Customer Needs and Preference

By analyzing Amazon reviews, companies can gain insights into customer needs and preferences. They can identify common themes, complaints, and compliments in the reviews, which can be used to improve their products or services. Overall, understanding customer needs and preferences is essential for businesses that want to succeed in the market. By listening to their customers and delivering products and services that meet their needs, businesses can build stronger customer relationships and achieve long-term success.
Optimizing Amazon listings can improve its visibility and sales

Optimizing Amazon Listings Can Improve its Visibility and Sales

A well-optimized listing provides customers with all the necessary information, such as features, benefits, images, and pricing, making it easier for them to make a purchase decision. When a product is visible, there is a greater chance that potential customers will see and buy it. Also a well-optimized listing ensures that the information provided to customers is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. This improves the customer experience by reducing confusion, returns, and negative reviews.
Providing a quick and easy way to gauge the overall sentiment of customers

Providing a Quick and Easy Way to Gauge the Overall Sentiment of Customers

Amazon review summary provides a quick snapshot of the most important information about a product's reviews on Amazon's marketplace. It is typically displayed near the top of the product detail page and includes a summary of the overall rating, the number of reviews, and some of the most common positive and negative comments.
It is a powerful tool for both customers and sellers on Amazon's marketplace. It provides a quick and easy way to gauge the overall sentiment of a product's reviews, helping customers make informed purchase decisions and providing valuable feedback to sellers.
By analyzing the Q&A section, understanding customer concerns and common issues

Understanding Customer Concerns and Common Issues

By analyzing the Q&A section, businesses can gain insights into the questions and concerns customers have about the product. This information can help businesses address those concerns, improve the product or develop new features that meet customer needs. In addition, it can help businesses identify common issues that customers face with the product. This information can help businesses improve the product, provide better customer support, or develop new products that address these issues.

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