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Jewelry Making Kits product research and customer review analysis

In today's rapidly growing and highly competitive e-commerce industry, it is becoming increasingly important for sellers to effectively select products, improve customer experience, and ultimately be able to increase their market sales and strengthen their brand. Amazon review analysis and consumer research can provide key insights into customer sentiment, preferences and behaviors that can help sellers make informed decisions on product selection and marketing strategies. By utilizing tools such as sentiment analysis, voice of customer, feedback analysis, product research, audience research, competitor analysis and Amazon ratings & reviews data to gain a better understanding of the customer base it becomes possible to create more targeted campaigns that meet customer needs and drive customer satisfaction.

Total ASIN: 10
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This insight is based on the data from the best seller products. The top 5 of them are:
Klmars Charm Bracelet Making Kit,Jewelry Making Supplies Beads,Unicorn/Mermaid Crafts Gifts Set for Girls Teens Age 8-12
Flat Clay Beads for Jewelry Bracelet Making Kit,6mm Flat Polymer Heishi Beads DIY Arts and Crafts Kit with Smiley Face Letter Bead,Gifts Toys for Girls Age 6-12

Sales, a key metric of costs and profits for any business, is the most intuitive and accessible data. With established social media platforms and advertising channels providing detailed insight in regards to website traffic, understanding consumer sentiment--i.e., volume--is one of the more challenging areas to analyze. Volume refers how people express their opinions on our brand's products/services/marketing efforts via various touchpoints; these voices come together as an aggregate that can tell us what consumers need or expect from us – why consumers make purchases with us over others.

Based on the data provided, it seems that the average rating for Jewelry Making Kits on Amazon is 4.45, which indicates a relatively high level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, with a total of 3680 reviews, it suggests that this category of products is quite popular among customers. The high average rating suggests that customers are generally satisfied with the quality, functionality, and overall experience of the Jewelry Making Kits available on Amazon. This positive feedback is a good indicator that the products in this category are meeting customer expectations and delivering value. Based on this information, my advice would be to continue focusing on maintaining the quality and variety of Jewelry Making Kits. It would also be beneficial to encourage customers to leave reviews after purchasing the products, as positive reviews can further enhance the reputation and credibility of the products in this category. Furthermore, it would be helpful to regularly monitor customer feedback and address any concerns or issues promptly. This will not only help in maintaining customer satisfaction but also provide valuable insights for product improvement and innovation. Overall, the high average rating and significant number of reviews indicate that customers are generally satisfied with Jewelry Making Kits on Amazon. By consistently delivering quality products and actively engaging with customers, sellers in this category can continue to build a strong reputation and attract more customers.

Target your customers through customer profile

Voice of customer analysis and audience research are key elements when targeting customers through customer profile. By leveraging Amazon review analysis and other data sources, sellers can gain insights into their customers preferences and behaviors, which can be used to craft targeted solutions and develop a successful product profile. Additionally, this data can also be used to create more effective campaigns that attract the right customers and boost sales.

Customer Profile
The consumer group most commonly mentioned is granddaughter, the most commonly moment of use is christmas, the most common location is garage, the most common behavior is gift give . By focusing on these key consumer characteristics, it is possible to identify pain points associated with consumer usage scenarios.
X-axis:topic. Y-axis:mentions. Red:reviews of 1-3 stars. Green:reviews of 4-5 stars

Based on the data provided, it seems that the primary users of the Jewelry Making Kits are female family members, with granddaughters being the most frequently mentioned user. This suggests that the product may be popular among older women who enjoy crafting and creating handmade jewelry as a hobby or pastime. The top places to use the product are also primarily domestic settings, with the garage and church being mentioned only a few times. This further supports the idea that the product is primarily used by women in their homes or in other indoor settings. The most common usage of the product is as a gift, particularly for Christmas. This suggests that the product may be popular among people who are looking for unique and creative gift ideas for their loved ones. Based on this data, it seems that the ideal customer profile for the Jewelry Making Kits would be women who enjoy crafting and creating handmade items, particularly those who are looking for unique and creative gift ideas for their family members. The product may also be popular among older women who are looking for a fun and engaging hobby to pursue in their free time. To appeal to this customer profile, the company could focus on marketing the product as a fun and creative way to make unique and personalized gifts for family members. They could also highlight the product's ease of use and versatility, emphasizing that it can be used in a variety of settings and for a wide range of crafting projects. Additionally, the company could consider partnering with influencers or bloggers who specialize in crafting and DIY projects to help promote the product to their audiences.

Ship products your customers love through sentiment analysis

Through sentiment analysis, businesses can uncover consumer dissatisfaction with products, automatically decompose NR and PR, and present product quality issues, packaging suggestions, marketing loopholes, and inadequate service in a digitalized format. By finding problems in VOC and combining them with a set of quality problem solving processes (CTQs), businesses can form a closed loop from problem to action, thereby achieving continuous iteration and optimization of product quality. In addition, analyzing customer emotion data can help companies foresee emerging trends ahead of competitors and tailor their products to meet customers' needs.

Customer Sentiment
The top 5 negative reviews are bracelet, tool, resin, product, wire. The most mentioned elements about bracelet are can not close it on my wrist(1.54%), keep fall off(1.54%).
The top 5 positive reviews are charm, bead, tool, resin, quality. The most mentioned elements about charm are good(10.79%), good quality(2.86%).
can not close it on my wrist1.54%
keep fall off1.54%
always open up1.03%
cheaply make0.77%
good quality2.86%
brightly paint with popular unicorn and mermaid design0.22%
Product pros and cons based on Amazon reviews. Consumers' sentiments which represent their opinions are identified using AI.

Based on the data provided, it seems that the top con aspect mentioned most frequently in the Jewelry Making Kits category is the bracelet, accounting for 9.49% of the mentions. Additionally, the top five cons of the vacuum are the bracelet, tool, resin, product, and wire. On the other hand, the top pro aspect mentioned most frequently is the charm, accounting for 15.42% of the mentions. The top five cons of the tip are the charm, bead, tool, resin, and quality. From this data, we can conclude that the bracelet is a significant concern for customers in the Jewelry Making Kits category, as it appears as both a con aspect and a top con for the vacuum. On the positive side, the charm is the most mentioned pro aspect, indicating that customers appreciate this feature. To improve product development and selection, it would be beneficial to address the issues related to the bracelet. This could involve improving the quality, design, or functionality of the bracelet component in the kits. Additionally, since the charm is highly regarded by customers, it would be wise to focus on enhancing this aspect further, ensuring it meets or exceeds customer expectations. Furthermore, it would be valuable to investigate the specific concerns related to the tool, resin, wire, bead, and quality aspects, as they appear as cons for multiple products. By understanding and addressing these concerns, you can enhance the overall quality and satisfaction of the Jewelry Making Kits, making them more appealing to customers. Overall, by addressing the cons and capitalizing on the pros mentioned in the data, you can develop and select Jewelry Making Kits that are more likely to meet customer expectations and result in higher satisfaction levels.

Make the smartest sales decisions through Buyers Motivation

Making the smartest sales decisions requires understanding and responding to the voice of customer. This can be achieved by leveraging buyer motivation data, conducting competitor analysis, and engaging in thorough product research. Companies should seek to understand customer needs and preferences through surveys and feedback, analyze data from past purchases, and track market trends in order to develop effective pricing strategies. Additionally, businesses must focus on providing value to customers through competitive prices, relevant discounts, quality products, convenient services, and superior customer service. By taking into account buyer motivation and focusing on delivering value, businesses can make informed decisions that will lead to long-term success.

Buyers Motivation
Gain insight into the judgment of consumers (Top 5) when making purchase decisions, and optimize marketing strategies in a targeted manner.
chain nose plier1
convenient on small thing1
fit in one package1
good for mold1

Based on the data provided, it seems that customers primarily buy jewelry making kits due to the product description. This suggests that customers are highly influenced by the information provided about the product. A well-written and detailed product description can effectively communicate the features, benefits, and quality of the kit, which helps customers make informed purchasing decisions. Some reasons why the product description is the top feature could be: 1. Clarity: A clear and concise product description helps customers understand what they are buying, including the materials, tools, and instructions included in the kit. 2. Quality assurance: A detailed product description can assure customers of the quality and durability of the jewelry making kit, giving them confidence in their purchase. 3. Creativity and variety: A well-described kit can showcase the different types of jewelry that can be created, inspiring customers with ideas and possibilities. To optimize the Amazon listing based on this data, here are a few suggestions: 1. Highlight key features: Ensure that the product description highlights the most important features of the jewelry making kit, such as the variety of materials, tools, and techniques included. 2. Use engaging language: Craft the product description in a way that captures the customers' attention and sparks their interest. Use descriptive and engaging language to make the kit sound exciting and appealing. 3. Include customer reviews: Incorporate positive customer reviews that specifically mention the product description. This can further reinforce the importance of the description and build trust among potential buyers. 4. Provide clear images: Alongside the product description, include high-quality images that showcase the contents of the kit, giving customers a visual representation of what they will receive. By optimizing the product listing with these suggestions, you can enhance the appeal of the jewelry making kit and increase the likelihood of customers making a purchase.

Understand customers need for prioritizing what to build next

Companies should prioritize what to build next by understanding their customers' needs. Amazon review analysis can help businesses better understand customer sentiment, while product research and competitor analysis can give insights into current and upcoming trends in the market. Moreover, customer expectations should be taken into account when developing new products or features. Ultimately, prioritizing what to build next based on an in-depth understanding of customer needs will enable a company to develop successful products that maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Expectations
By understanding the specific reasons, manufacturers and retailers can develop products and marketing strategies that effectively address these needs and wants.
TopicMentionsReview Snippets
big size
more bracelet & bead5
more bracelet
more beads charms
more bracelet & bead
more bracelets necklace
1-2 more bracelet holder4
more bracelet
4 bracelet
5 bracelet
large size4
big size
large size
air out3
air out
resin in large bottle3
resin in large bottle
box small2
in tiny box
more than small box
bracelet in gold2
clasp bracelet
experience help2
experience helpful

Based on the customer feedback, it seems that customers are looking for more options and variety in the Jewelry Making Kits category. They are specifically interested in larger kits that offer more materials and options for creating bracelets and beads. To meet these expectations, sellers should prioritize product development that focuses on creating larger kits with a wider variety of materials. This could include adding more beads, charms, and other decorative elements to the kits, as well as including more tools and instructions for creating different types of jewelry. In terms of marketing promotion, sellers should highlight the size and variety of their kits in their product descriptions and advertising. They could also consider offering special promotions or discounts for customers who purchase larger kits or multiple kits at once. Overall, by focusing on meeting customer expectations for more and bigger kits with a wider variety of materials, sellers can attract more customers and increase sales in the Jewelry Making Kits category.

Shulex VOC is an AI-powered platform that helps companies gain valuable customer insights from Amazon review analysis. It works by providing users with core capabilities such as customer profiles, sentiment analysis, buyers motivation and customer expectations. This enables businesses to tap into the power of voice of customer, utilizing AI modeling for a comprehensive view of customer experience, product research & selection as well as optimizing quality and reputation. The insights gleaned from this data can then be implemented to foster a healthy relationship between customers and brand.


Amazon Reviews

Cool stuffAug. 2022
I use it to stake wires on printed circuit boards. No runny mess and no solvents. I use a UV leak detector flashlight that came with an hvac kit. Also cures fast in the sunlight.
Melissa Apgar
love itMar. 2022
Great product. It came leaking all over the place. I sent pictures to them, they sent a replacement and I got it within days. VERY impressed. Thank you again.
Great resin! Little to no bubbles and if you do have bubbles, just let it sit for like 5 minutes or just use a lighter! Great product.
Stephanie yin
unless you're using this for VERY thin layers, the curing is pretty horrific with this. I have a great light and haven't had issues with any other UV resins curing, and I tested it with and without any mica powder/ ink/ additives and even just straight from the tube, unless you're curing this in 2mm layers, it's not worth it. Save your money- get something better.
Nice qualityDec. 2021
Great set of beads for anyone over the age of 8.
before i was using regular 2 part resin and it was such a pain. a friend recommended me this brand and i am absolutely loving it! will never go back to 2 part resin again! the shipping is also always fast, i get it within 2-3 days of me buying!
First time using this kind. I will for sure be back for more. No bubbles I love that.
BleehApr. 2022
I like that this product is uv cured… But didn’t like the quality of it.. I don’t know what it was first time using it and the last time too.. good for a sub if nothing is Available and have to use.. but not for regular use..
Amazing resinJan. 2022
This uv resin is awesome i reccomend it
 Pros: - 3 bottles of 100g UV Crystal Clear Resin - 3 applicator tips - Fast curing (takes longer for bigger /deeper molds) - Dries clear / hard - Low odor - Resistant to yellowing over time - Advanced materials like bisphenol A epoxy acrylate, Polyurethane Acrylate & Epoxy Acrylate creates high quality transparency & hardness after curing - Cures quickly under UV light - Easy to use - does not require mixing (unless you are adding pigments, glitter, etc - Each bottle is sealed to preserve until you are ready to use - Comes with applicator nozzle - Perfect for all resin projects - Comes with a pair of gloves Cons: - None I ordered this for my daughter who is into making resin projects. She is getting pretty creative with the molds that she has. I have been pretty impressed with what she has come up with. She is getting into wanting to make jewelry for her friends. This 3pk of UV resin will allow her to make quite a few items and then some. This UV resin is easy to work with. Dries very quickly under UV light (bigger deeper molds take a little longer. I also recommend flipping the project over if too deep or doing it in layers to ensure it cures correctly. This is one of the better UV resins that she has worked with. I highly recommend this product to others. I feel that it is so worth the current price point which seems like a good deal compared to similar items on the market.

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