Coupon Codes and Promotions for Amazon Sellers [Guide]

Coupon Codes and Promotions for Amazon Sellers [Guide]

January 11, 2024
Author: Jessica

One of the primary challenges for Amazon sellers is to make their products visible amid the vast array of choices available to consumers. Promotions and coupon codes serve as effective tools to enhance product visibility and attract potential buyers. By offering discounts, sellers can entice customers to explore their products, ultimately leading to increased visibility in search results and category pages.

For sellers, Amazon offers a plenty of diverse discount and promotional tools. Everything from social media promo codes and coupons to Amazon discounts that are only available to Prime members.

Which of the tools we'll cover here is the most effective, even though they're all free (apart from the price reduction you must apply)? This article will explain the best deals and discounts available on Amazon, along with when to take advantage of them. In this article you will know:

In this article you will know:

  1. Percentage off discounts or promo codes for Amazon
  2. How to view claimed promotions?
  3. Amazon Brand Tailored Discounts
  4. Amazon Coupon Codes
  5. Amazon Social Media Promo Codes
  6. Amazon Customer Engagement Emails
  7. Amazon Prime Exclusives Discounts
  8. Which type of Amazon Discount is the best?
  9. Conclusions

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Percentage off discounts or promo codes for Amazon

Promo codes, also known as promotional codes or discount codes, are alphanumeric or numeric sequences that customers can enter during the checkout process when making a purchase online or in-store. These codes are provided by businesses and retailers as part of their marketing or promotional strategies to offer customers various benefits, such as discounts, free shipping, or special deals.

The primary purpose of promo codes is to incentivize customers to make a purchase by providing them with a financial incentive or an added value. These codes are often associated with specific promotions, sales campaigns, or events. Customers who enter a valid promo code at the time of purchase receive the associated benefit, such as a percentage discount on the total order, a fixed amount off the purchase price, or complimentary shipping.

Promo codes are effective because they allow you to send one code to all customers, have multiple promo codes (each one unique and sent through a campaign like Messenger), or have none at all. Promo codes can also be risky. There are many tales on the internet of sellers unintentionally selling through huge quantities of stock as a result of sharing a lot of Coupon Codes online and/or having them go viral.

The main drawback of promo codes is that they have no positive effect on your click-through-ratio (CTR) on search results pages because they are displayed, at most, in a limited area of the product detail page.

How to view the claimed promotions?

The number of promo codes that have been used is one of the things that Amazon makes difficult to view.

The secret is to go to Seller Central -> FBA Reports -> All Orders

You can quickly download a list of all of your orders under the All Orders tab so you can conduct a more thorough analysis of them in a different file.

You can then download a list of your orders from that location. You can view all of the promotion amounts that have been redeemed by using the downloaded text file (Pro-tip: Open the.txt file in Excel). Regretfully, it doesn't specify which promo code was applied.

Amazon Brand Tailored Discounts

Amazon launched a feature known as Amazon Brand Tailored Discounts in the summer of 2023.

With brand-tailored discounts, you can give discounts to certain customers—like cart abandoners—but not to others.

With Amazon Brand Tailored Discounts, you can give some customers a discount, but not all of them.

These customers must receive a minimum 10% discount from you, and like the majority of the promotions on this page, their duration is limited to 90 days.

Amazon Coupon Codes

Customers can receive a dollar off when they use an Amazon coupon code. These are going to show up on product detail pages and in search results.

Additionally, they are shown on product detail pages, but many customers fail to "clip" these coupons, which is a requirement before the discount is applied

Coupons increase the listing's clickthrough rate by luring customers in with a better offer.

CTRs may benefit from the fact that coupon codes are shown on search engine results pages.

Coupon codes must reduce your current price by 5% to 80%.

Amazon Social Media Promo Codes

Possibly the most ill-named tool on Seller Central, Social Media Promo Codes let you make landing pages with pre-applied discounts for a single product or a set of products.

This is an illustration of the page to which users will be routed. Although there is only one product on this example page, there may be more.

Using social media promo codes directs prospective buyers to distinct landing pages that may or may not include more than one product.

You only need to choose a discount for one or more products to receive a unique URL that you can share with your customers. Promo Codes and Amazon discounts work in similar ways.

My preferred method for providing a group of customers with Amazon discounts is through social media promo codes. They save you from driving traffic to your product detail page and are simpler to use than a promo code. Because it sends fewer traffic to your product detail page from unqualified visitors, this could improve your overall conversion rate.

Amazon Customer Engagement Emails

The inability to communicate with customers directly on Amazon, let alone send them emails, is a common complaint among sellers. This changed in 2022 when Amazon gave sellers permission to use Customer Engagement Emails to communicate with customers.

Sending these emails has two major drawbacks: you can only email brand followers and you can only use one of Amazon's pre-made templates. The main obstacle for the majority of people will be their relatively small number of brand followers (we had no more than ~1000 followers for any one of our brands).

With Amazon's customer engagement tool, you can email customers sort of.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Discount

You guessed it: discounts offered exclusively to Prime members are known as Prime Exclusive Amazon Discounts.

All Prime members have access to Amazon's Prime Exclusive Discounts. They appear in search results, similar to coupons, usually as strikethrough pricing along with a savings message. They are also qualified for an extra badge on Prime Day.

Prime Day is the best time to take advantage of Prime Exclusive Amazon Discounts because you can get a more noticeable display not only in search results but also on a dedicated section of Amazon.

Setting up Prime Exclusive Deals can be a little difficult and calls for the use of an Excel template called Inventory Loader.

Which Type of Amazon Discount Is the Best?

On Amazon, there isn't a discount type that is best for everything. Every one has a purpose.

I've created a flow chart so you can choose the ideal kind of discount.


The prevalence of Amazon discounts has led to the rise of price-conscious consumers who actively seek out the best deals. This has created a more transparent and competitive marketplace, where sellers must continuously innovate and optimize their pricing strategies to stay relevant.

A plenty of tools have been developed by Amazon to enable sellers to provide discounts on their merchandise. This is not a shocking discovery. Amazon wants you to charge less for your goods when you sell them.

.As a seller, you should take advantage of Amazon discounts and sales, but you also need to be cautious not to position your goods as the loss leader. As a matter of fact, I recommend factoring these Amazon discounts into your costs if, like many sellers, you're constantly implementing the aforementioned discount mechanisms in your listings. Put another way, set your prices unnecessarily high to make room for further discounts.

Which Amazon discounting tool—coupons, Prime Exclusive Amazon Discounts, social media promo pages, or promo codes—do you use most frequently?

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