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How to Sell Used Products on Amazon [Guide for 2024]

How to Sell Used Products on Amazon [Guide for 2024]

February 26, 2024
Author: Jessica

Although selling new products under a private label or through retail is very popular, you can also sell secondhand goods. We'll discuss where to discover things to sell and how to sell used goods on Amazon.com in this article.

In this article you will learn:

  1. Does Amazon Permit Used Items to Be Sold on the Marketplace?
  2. Where to Look for Used Items on Amazon to Sell
  3. How to Add Used Items to Your Amazon List
  4. The Best Ways to Sell Used Items on Amazon
  5. FBA Grade and Resell

Does Amazon Permit Used Items to Be Sold on the Marketplace?

Sure. Amazon allows sellers to sell old goods, whether they are things you bought at a garage sale or things you've decluttered from around the house. Indeed, some people sell just used books on Amazon to support themselves.

Not every product type, though, might be offered for sale on Amazon as used. Certain categories only permit the sale of brand-new products. The categories and permissible conditions are displayed in the table below. Generally speaking, anything can be sold as used, with the exception of baby products (apart from clothing), cosmetics, groceries and gourmet foods, health and personal care products, watches, and toys and games.

On Amazon, four types of used conditions are permitted:

But be aware that collectibles are subject to different rules. Items that offer greater value than the real product are considered collectibles. The item may, for instance, be autographed.

It's also important to be aware that certain products on Amazon are limited. Additionally, there are things that are restricted by FBA if you decide to sell through it.

Where to Look for Used Items on Amazon to Sell

There will be a significant amount of research and work necessary if you want to turn selling secondhand goods into a reliable source of revenue. These are only a few of resources to get you going.

Throughout your home. Do you want to tidy up? Receive a portion of the money back when you list your gently used goods on Amazon.

Thrift stores and garage sales. Visit thrift stores and garage sales if you have an eye for good finds. Dealing with products that have barcodes is much simpler because, with the correct scanning program, you can quickly ascertain how much you could make.

Pallets for liquidations. Pallets for liquidations are excellent sources for new or similar products. Online bidding and purchases are available.

Social media platforms. Keep an eye out for articles like these because people who are simply decluttering or moving tend to sell their used goods for less money. Checking out Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic idea.

How to Add Used Items to Your Amazon List

The process for listing used products on Amazon is the same as for listing new products, with the exception that the condition is set to "Used."

Step 1: Register as a seller on Amazon

You must register as a seller on Amazon in order to list a used item. A Professional or Individual account is yours to select. The Individual account charges $0.99 per item when you sell something, whereas the Professional account charges a flat monthly fee of $39.99. As a general rule, choose the Professional account if you sell more than 40 units a month. If not, the Individual account is adequate.

Step 2: Select an order fulfillment strategy

Either Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) are your options. You can choose the latter if you're just selling a small number of things and don't intend to turn selling on Amazon into a significant source of revenue.

Step 3: Include your goods in already-existing listings

The likelihood is that if you're selling old goods, a listing already exists for that item. All you have to do is build upon those listings, as Amazon does not permit numerous product pages for the same item.

Click Inventory → Add a Product on sellercentral.amazon.com. After that, you'll be directed to this page:

Enter the UPC, EAN, ISBN (for books), ASIN, or search for the product. Click on the listing and search on Amazon.com to find the product's ASIN. The following locations have the ASIN:

Once you've found the appropriate ad, choose Used, then click "Apply to Sell" and complete the information.

Step 4: Make a plan for shipment

In the event that you choose FBA, you will need to arrange for the shipment of your inventory to Amazon. Check out our detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.

Complete the Condition Note. Indicate the marks, damages, etc. in the optional "Condition Note" to correctly set the customer's expectations.

Deliver excellent client support. Whether you run a private label firm or just resell used goods, Amazon aspires to be the world's most customer-centric corporation and expects its sellers to meet its criteria. Thus, answer questions as soon as you can and deal with them appropriately.

The Best Ways to Sell Used Items on Amazon

Select the condition of your product carefully. To avoid disappointing customers, it's a good idea to indicate a condition that is one step below the actual condition. You can list your product as Used - Very Good, for instance, if it is Used - Like New. The customer's purchase decision may be impacted by this, but it's preferable to have them be pleasantly surprised than let down.

Complete the notes section. Indicate the marks, damages, etc. in the optional "Condition Note" to properly set the customer's expectations.

Deliver excellent customer support. Whether you run a private label company or just resell used goods, Amazon aspires to be the world's most customer-centric company and expects its sellers to meet its standards. Thus, answer questions as soon as you can and deal with problems appropriately.

Maintain a competitive price point. With used goods, sellers can enjoy a very large profit margin. Try to keep your prices competitive, especially if you find gems at garage sales and thrift stores.

FBA Grade and Resell

For sellers who already sell new goods, there is a program called FBA Grade and Resell. As an alternative to having the inventory removed or returned to the seller, this program enables FBA sellers to relist unsold or returned inventory as used.

Amazon assigns a grade to unsold or returned inventory, and the seller is free to determine how much to charge for it. For instance, Amazon may grade your product as "Used – Very Good," in which case you will need to change the price. Additionally, there is a fixed processing fee per unit that varies from $1.50 to $4.10 depending on the product's weight and size.

The FBA Grade and Resell is currently invite-only, but Amazon may eventually make it available to all sellers.


While there are many benefits to establishing and expanding your brand on Amazon, there are also many financial benefits to selling secondhand goods. Finding products to sell takes ongoing effort, but it can be worthwhile if you put in the effort.

Have you tried using Amazon to sell used goods? Which difficulties did you face the most? Tell us about it in the space provided for comments below.

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